i have been running/ waddling like a duck for a few months now, i started sensibly and have now built up to 3/4 runs per week.
Last night i did a 45 min run at a fair pace for me and now my feet hurt like hell, have a big blister on each foot on the bit by the foot/ big toe and i cant understand how this happened!!
I havent changed shoes, i used a pair of socks i usually use!
Any help or advice please!?!?
I want to run thursday, should i buy some new running shoes?


  • Hey up Duck !
    Not necessarily need to buy new shoes especially if they are newish running shoes. It's just that you've upped your time and distance and where on your feet it was rubbing before it's been rubbing for a lot longer and taken the skin off, hence the blisters.
    Firstly you need to treat the blisters and then for the future take measures to stop rubbing in same place. This can be done by investigating which running socks best suit you and or placing plasters over the blister areas or vaseline etc to prevent the friction. I think in the initial stages when taking up running it's very much a case of finding out where the problems arise and what best suits you in terms of the remedy.
    I hope this helps.
  • ta matey
    do you pop blisters or just leave them?
  • m.ittenm.itten ✭✭✭
    I've been running seriously for 2 years now and have had blisters/patches of dry skin the whole time!! Haven't found a cure yet... but alway pop them - sick habit!!
  • ooooooooh don't pop them. badbad thing to do.
  • I don't think it's a good idea to pop them.

    As you start increasing your distances you'll find other areas where you get sore. It's really fun !

    only you know whether to run on Thursday or not.
  • You did not say what kind of socks you use.I,ve used 1000 mile socks since i started running and have never suffered with blisters at all.As far as i,m concerned 1000 mile socks are the business.
  • If you do get blisters use Compeed. I always have some in the house, they're the best thing that I know of to treat blisters. Don't pop them though!
  • Noooooo don't pop them,
    my daughter's a student nurse she says the stuff in a blister is your white blood cells and thats helping, if you pop them infection can get in and thats bad.
  • i popped them!!!
    i had to i could hardly walk
    they feel soooooo much better and i have put that compeed on that you recommended
    WOW that is brilliant, like a new skin!
    cant face running today but going to go the gym on the cross trainer for my workout instead give it till saturday and the duck will waddle again!!!
  • careful out there duck it's spring you know.
  • I used to get terrible blisters, and one place on my left foot was particularly bad. Have now changed to 1000 mile socks, which are great and have helped heaps but I also wrap fabric sticking plaster around my foot to cover the dodgy spot during my longer runs
  • i wear good sock and have proper fitting trainers.

    I find that a small smear of vaseline where you get blister helps prevent blisters...everytime i run for 40 mins or more i vaseline them less then that and i usually don;t get problem ......

    try it if it works great and if it doesn;t what you lost...

    as for popping blisters if you do it cos of pressure build up make sure you cover with compeed or something to stop infection...
  • The night before a long run, I put vaseline all over my feet, put socks on and go to bed. The vaseline softens the skin while you sleep. Day of run, I put Body Glide all over toes and areas I might get a blister, and wear double layer socks (Wright makes a good one). I haven't had problems with blisters since I started this regimine.
  • I increased my distance as new runner and got terrible blisters at the back of both my heels. Then I couldn't go 2km without blisters, bleeding and seeping wounds despite 1000 mile socks and special blister plasters. The local sports shop checked my trainers -no problem- but the blisters persisted. I tried another running shop. It turns out I need trainers one size bigger than my normal shoe size. I went straight out and did 10km- no sign of any rubbing then or since. My advice- if you are still getting problems get a second opinion on your shoes.
  • I have been running off and on for around 10 years. The first five I never got blisters, but the last 5 have I ever! I have tried every sock on the market, yes, Wright, 1000mile, anatomically correct ones, vaseline, 2nd skin, plasters, etc I even have a neat toe silicon cap - but nothing works!!! Yes, my shoes are okay and big enough - I have been to every store, and foot health depts here in UK and Canada - and try every remedy. I will try this Compeed andBody Glide as I cannot walk after a longer run. No I do not pop blisters because of infection, but when I used to it sure helped the pressure!
  • I used to blister on any run over 4 miles - I changed shoes to a pair that better fitted and supported and used those 1000 mile socks - no blisters since. I run 6 to 8 miles every other night now and nothing. Answer for me was shoes (Brooks - brilliant choice for what I needed) and the socks (just in case!)
  • ooooooooooooh thanks Notty

    Just did my first half marathon at Stafford and felt blisters appearing at mile 4

    Had to stop at mile 10 to look at my feet and there were huge blisters one of which popped when I took my sock off. Put a blister plaster on but it didn't stick very well and ended up walking to the end

    I was wearing shoes I'm used to but 1000 mile socks for the first time and have never had blisters before in training or races

    Was debating whether to pop or not to pop but guess I will leave them now I've read this
  • I have been running for years and have all of a sudden started to get blisters on 6 of my toes. I have bought a larger size trainer - as recommended by the sports shop- but this has not helped. I am doing the Amsterdam marathon in October and would like to sort this issue out asap. I have tried all different sock but to no avial. Can anyone give any advise?
  • You tried the two layer thousand mile sock?

    FP x
  • I too have just started running and have a 10-mile runto aim for in October.

    I have been getting a blister on the instep of my right foot.

    Could I be 'flat footed' and are there special running shoes for this type of issue.

    Where do you buy 1000mile socks by the way?
  • In amy specialised running shop. When you go to one, ask them about the blisters and they may recommend a new shoe x

    The two layer sock stops blisters apparently x

    FP x
  • Thanks FP.

    v cute btw - hope you don't mind me saying
  • Did a 10k run tonight. Tried rubbing vaselin on the problem areas and wore two pairs of socks. Just a little blister appaearing but no way as bad as it used to be.

    Thanks Forum.
  • Thanks for all the advice. I Have tried 1000 mile socks, and will try vasaline. The blisters as I call them are not traditional blisters. The skin at the front of the toes goes white and soft from friction and hurts like hell.
  • I was suffering a couple of weeks ago and found by using a moleskin liner in the part of the shoe that was causing the friction, the blisters stopped.

    I think they are made by Scholl and can be bought in Boots for £1.70. It's a large sheet that can be cut to size.

    Might be worth a try - it's certainly helped me.
  • I started getting blisters on the tips of several toes when my long runs got to about 10 miles. I've tried different socks and shoes with no improvement (hence my nick name!).

    A couple of weeks ago I turned my ankle and have been wearing a doubled-up tubigrip on that foot. Hey presto - blisters gone!
    I guess my feet must be slipping about in my shoes, but I can't do them up any tighter without them hurting. Am contemplating trying tubigrip on the other foot too!
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