Garmin 305, won't charge

(Sorry, I put this under "Gear" first) 

Help!! Ive had my Garmin 305 for about 3 years. The charging has been going a bit dodgy for about 6 months now. When I put it onto charge, sometimes it would switch itself on, and it was difficult to get it to start charging.

Now it wont charge at all. Ive tried using a diffierent charger but that wont work. The last time I charged it I got 13 hours worth of battery.

Whats wrong?? Is it a gone-er??


  • Alright-ee, will try both. Dont hold out too much hope, and Im looking at the 305 for a replacement. Prefer the smaller 405, but it sounds as the technical side is not as good as the 305.

    Thanks for your prompt responses.

  • I had this problem and it appears to be a common one. If it is not the connection you need to try resetting it. Hold down the Mode button and the lap/reset button at the same time for about 10 seconds and then try charging it. It worked for mine which is now back in full business.
  • Have you tried charging it from the USB port on your computer. For some reason mine (205) charges quicker and holds a longer charge when done this way.....
  • Podro, do I have it turned on when I do this, and/ or connected to the charger?

    Paul, do I need a special charger for that?? Sorry Im not v good technically. 

  • Mine came with a mains plug/charger that plugged into the cradle on which the Forerunner sits on and it also came with a PC USB cable in order to download the info onto the PC. When connected to the PC it also charges the unit.
  • Thanks, Paul. The PC USB cable........... the garmin cable I have in front of me has a 9-hole connector, which would go into the back of the computer. The connectors are surrounded with blue plastic. The other end is a silver pin connector, and it wont fit into the 5.0v dc hole on the back of the garmin. But it does fit into "serial".......... is that where it goes??

    (And no, I dont even know where the bonnet button is, in my car either)

  • WV - You don't have to have it switched on or charging. Try it with it switched off and off the charger. Then put it on the charger and see if it charges. If that doesn't work try it when it is on the charger.
  • Ive tried everything and it isnt working!!  Dead as a dodo!!! Before, at least it did switch itself on, now it does nothing.


  • Oh, and a minor thing. Its a 201 I have, not a 305.

    What did I say about cars?? Im blumin' useless at anything technical.

  • Just been onto Garmin. They said it could be the battery. They were willing to look at it (for nothing, bless'em), but a new battery would be about £40. Will have to think about this......... a new toy, or a new battery......

     Thanks for your help, everyone.

  • Are you sure it is your Garmin that you are trying to switch on? Could you be trying to get GPS data from your toaster by mistake? image

    My vote would be for a new toy every time.

  • Yes, I have wept buckets this morning, in the knowledge that I have to open my purse and spend some money.

    After hours of pouring over websites, and then a very good RW thread on the 405, I have elected to go for the 301. Yes, I am a right old meanie. Besides being rubbish at anything techanical, Im also a pretty rubbish runner. So the thought of shelling out £200  for a 405 was a bit beyond me. There were too many doubts about the 405, some said it was brilliant, others said it wasnt. So I went for cheap and cheerful from Amazon. I diodnt like the shape of the 301, as it was too big my wee wrist!!!

    God will probably pay me back now and give me a crap 301..........

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