Bristol Half Marathon Help!

Hi there!  I'm doing my first half marathon in 10 days time and just wanted a bit of advice about what to eat before hand. Its a 9.30am start and when I do my long runs on a Sunday (10-12 miles) I normally have a banana at 6am then go out by 8am.  I have actually ran 13 miles on a banana and had a gel pouch at about 8 miles and felt ok.  Would this be suffcient for the day? Should I change what I'm used too? I find I can't eat anything for 2 hours before, blimey am getting nervous just writing this what am I going to be like on the day!  Anyway thanks for any help!


  • You'll have a fab day.  My first half was Bristol in 2005.  I would suggest getting there early as the traffic can be a bit crap, or it has been the last couple of years.  If you're used to running on a banana and gel you're probably best sticking to that.  What about a bowl of porridge first thing though.  Mind, never try anything new on race day. 
  • I'll be getting up about 6 and having a pint of sports drink and some hulahoops. I think the evening before is more crucial, loads of carbs and pleantly of time so anything left in your system should be errr expelled before the race.
  • Dont go experimenting too much on the day, whatever you do!! May lead to an explosion!!

    Stick with what you normally do. And as TTTB says, the evening before is just as crucuial............ no Indian curries. Have pasta and get the carbs nicely loaded up. Avoid cream sauces, go for a tomato-ey one. And lots of fluid (not of the alcoholic variety)

    A lot of it is pscyological (gosh, thats difficult to spell). If you go into a race thinking " right, Ive trained well, and my body is ready", you will feel more positive than going with a dodgy tummy from the night  before. Stick with your bananas, no roughage in the morning of the race, (porridge. Special K is nice and light, try it this week before a run and see how you do with it) make sure you go to the loo etc etc.

    Have your gel mid race and you will be fine......... some people also have a gel before the race. I personally dont, and I also wouldnt personally try it as a new option on race day itself. Again because I dont want to do anything diferent that night lead to an "accident".

    You have to keep yourself calm and collected so that when you are on the line you are ready. This applies to a 6 minute-miler and to a 13-minute miler. We are all the same.

  • Thanks for all your tips and advice! I didn't even think about food the night before so a pasta feast it is! Am definately going to stick to my banana, try some cereal and a sports drink but will try it before my run this Sunday oh and a good stint on the eerrr toilet!  Thanks all!
  • As has been said already, don't try anything new on race day. 
    My breakfast will be  a bowl of porridge at about 7:15 (if I'm up in time) and plenty of water before walking down St Michael's Hill to the start.

    Oh and all the best on 14th!!

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