Cancer Research UK Run 10K - Dorney Lake



  • If anyone spots 1242 could they drop me a line?
  • How annoying that the 10k that you think you've run isn't actually 10k!!  image

    What method do race organisers normally use to measure a course??

    My race picture is scary...I look like I'm about to keel

  • Most people look about the keel over or in severe pain!

    There is only one photo of me and thats at the end when I could no longer feel my legs!!

  • It was bloody cold and wet wasn't it.?!! ..... I had to wring out my lovely '4 sizes too big' Run10k t-shirt when I eventually made it home. It's not looked the same since....

    Struthie, do I recognise your name from R4W? Did you run Windsor 8? The two races couldn't have been more different weather wise! image

  • Hey Dusty yes thats me!

    Windsor was baking hot,and Dorney well it wasn't!

    My garmin says it was 9.72km , I know when I did the Dorney dash it started further back and you ran around the back of the boathouse before the end , most annoyed that it wasn't 10k.

    I t was very cold - just glad I bought a running vest from Aldi the day before!!

    Now to collect my sponsor money!

  • I've seen 3 reports from Garmin owners that claim 9.6, 9.68 and now 9.72

    I wonder what would have happened if we all went over to the Garmin tent  by the loos and asked the question "why they were all different"?

  • There is only one race at Dorney lake which is offically measured at 10k and that is the Dorney Dash. It has been measured by someone who is accredited. All others are measured by the organisers and therefore you cannot assume the distance to be correct. F3 events claim to be 100% accurate, but they measured using a GPS and not using anyone who is accredited

  • Anyone know if there are any results up for this anywhere?

    Really annoyed it wasnt actually 10k! I need to get myself one of those Garmin things!

  • JohnFolJohnFol ✭✭✭

    Just resurrecting this thread as I've just done the Dorney Dash 10k at the lake and I'm sure the course was longer.

    Was anyone else there today?

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