Inov-8 Race Pro 30

Has anyone run with any of the Race Pro packs, particularly the 30?  Would be interested to know how you got on, how comfortable, or not, it was to run with and whether it was any good at keeping stuff dry. 

I expect to be sweating whilst using the pack so would also like to know it fairs for breathability and whether sweat just soaks through to stuff inside the pack?


  • I've got the Pro 12 (and the Pro 4 bumbag) and find it really comfy.  Not a plus point for you but it's especially good for women cos the chest strap is movable.  Once you've got the straps set right the pack stays put and doesn't bounce round which is something I've found annoying in the past.

    Tbh I've been lucky and it's not been wet when I've used it but I suspect it'll be pretty good at keeping stuff dry.  The zips are the usual place that let water in and they seem pretty well sealed. 

    I used mine for Beachy Head (and for training) and didn't have any real issues with feeling sweaty.

    The only thing I find irritating about the system is cleaning and drying the reservoir.  Mine's still not completely dry and it's not been used this year yet.  Have had a suggestion to stuff it with tea towels which I'll try when I have a mo.

  • By resevoir do you mean bladder?
  • Yup but for some reason I had reservoir in mind!

  • Sounds posher. image  Thanks for your insight UK.
  • Well, got quite a good deal, I think , on the Race Pro 30 from Wiggle.

    Inov-8 Race Pro 30 Rucksack With Bladder £63

    alternatively, and what I did

    Inov-8 Race Pro 30 Rucksack  £49.50

    add £5 Wiggle voucher to take order over £50 and price comes down to £44.55.  They email the voucher code to you and then order

    Inov-8 H2Orizontal 2L Bladder £15

    minus £5 voucher makes it £10.

    So, with a bit of messing about, same product but for £3.45 less and you could reduce that by a further £1.50 by adding £35 or £40 more vouchers to the bladder order.  I think it would be £35.  

    One small problem, tehy won't have them in stock till the end of September.

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