Running in Leicester

I've just found out that I'll be spending a few weekends in Leicester over the next year.  As a complete country bumpkin (lucky to see one car if I'm out, and usually a very low pervert count) which areas should I avoid running in?  I intend to go out either at the crack of dawn or early evening and will be staying somewhere near De Montfort Uni, so any suggestions re: relatively safe routes for a middle aged lady plodder?


  • Hi rogerbunny. most of leicester is ok for running around early evening. obviously if you're running on your own i'd avoid going down by the canal or the great central way but most other areas are fine. if you hunt on there may well be some routes listed on there that you could try (there's also a running club based at the rowing club which is about 10 min walk from DMU but they don't start running until about 7.30 on weds eves).  
  • Thanks for that, I'll have to get an A-Z and mark the no-go zones!
  • Hi Roger Bunny.

    My sis lives in Leicester (i'm in Gloucester) i've done some nice runs along the canal with her and cycle ways. What speed are you running at the minute. My sis is training for the Abingdon marathon and struggling with motivation. 

    I guess she runs about 9-10 min miling. I could put you in touch if you're looking for a running partner to show you some routes

  • Oh, just in case you do want to get in touch..
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