Andy Murray

   ok so how many of you out there will be rooting for Federer cos Andy's a jock? be honestimage


  • Wasn't going to but now you have suggested it could be sweet revenge for football, rugby and any other sporting event that has happened in the last few hundred years! image

  • Toberlone is after all my favourite choc!

  • nah -watched his semi against Nadal (both days!) and he was damn good so hoping he can turn it on against Federer tonight much better than that fey little Englander Timmy Wimmy ever was image
  • I was in glasgow for the weekend, no-one there thinks he's British...they are waiting for the first Scottish Grand Slam win rather than the second British.
  • He's British when he wins & Scotish when he loses


  • nadal didn't look anywhere near the player i've seen this year and Murray took advantage...good luck to him.federer is a different animal altogether..

    point is will you support him or not based on him being a scot?

  • Support him on the basis that he is a new(ish) kid playing very good tennis and breaking the monopoly of  Fed/Nadal  -makes it more interesting  (however if it was Timmy Wimmy then tonight Matthew Im Swiss)

    good that he is from GB but who cares about whether he is Scottish or British ? and it could be worse he could be from Middle England  -i just think people dont like Murray because of his personality rather than his Scottishness - if he was a cute little puddin who kept losing bravely we would probably all love him

    and its not like numpty football where they cant get their act together for the Olympics is it ?image 

  • I personally don't have a problem supporting him, just like I'd support anyone else who's representing Britain.  One exception to that rule is Dwane Chambers, I wouldn't support him in anything.

  • Nope I will be supporting Andy, he is British.

    I do get annoyed that SOME Scots and Welsh dont support English, but if they are so bigoted they want to do that, fair enough. I am better than that and can rise above petty prejudices.

    I agree that some people might not like Murray because of his personality.

  • Nick L wrote (see)
    I do get annoyed that SOME Scots and Welsh dont support English, but if they are so bigoted they want to do that, fair enough. I am better than that and can rise above petty prejudices.
    My sentiments exactly, I'm English, but if I was involved in a sport where I was considered British rather than English (like say Lewis Hamilton in F1) it wouldn't bother me, I'd still feel proud to see the flag on the podium.
  • I'm going to support him because of the way he played against Nadal - especially yesterday.  Some of his shot making was gobsmacking.  And I'm not English or Scottish (but being Manx I've only one international sportsperson to represent my country so I have to support sportspeople from other countries image)
  • Why wouldnt I root for Murray (other than not being a tennis fan)..  Though I can see why the scottish still harbour a grudge about being overrun and conquered all those years ago.  This was only to evident when on a trip to Scotland a few weeks ago.  FFS how long does it take to passify you lot.

  • Can't say I particularly care for Murray, but have to say his tennis over the last couple of days has been outstanding, he obviously is far stronger mentally and physically then he was. I don't mind who wins, Federer seems to be such a lovely guy and a gentleman that I love watching him play, so either will be OK for me image

    Speaking of Lewis Hamilton, he is another I don't care for much, there is far too much smoke being blown up his ass! Granted he is a good driver but the adulation of him and his feigned modesty gets on my nerves. It was the right decision yesterday to dock his points, he had an advantage even after slotting back behind Kimi.
  • A NORN IRON ( NORTHEN IRELAND) man that will be cheering for Murray,thought he played great in the semis,at last a top player for british,scottish,english,irish,welsh people to cheer.
  • [i]It's nice to know that most Americans think we're all the same[/i].imagebit like the canadians being mistaken for yanks half the's gotta smart a bit!image
  • Well I like to think of myself as British but then I was born is Scotland and brought up in England so I don't understand the them and us kind of talk we are all us to me image

    Having said that Murray is not an easy person to like no matter how well he plays. He looks like the kind of kid thats been force fed tennis by his pushy not quite good enough at tennis mum so has not found the time to be nice to people and realise he's not the best thing since sliced bread

  • Thought he was awesome last night. Never seen anyone handle Nadal in long rallies like that. Eeven though he is a grumpy bugger I really like his attitude.

    Will be right behind him tonight.

  • never actually met the man so can't say either way.none of these guys come across well in interviews anyway.they've spent 90% of the time playing sport, the personality building has taken a back seat.

    shame but it appears long since the likes of mcenroe,ashe/davenport who went to Uni and got an education and learnt how to mix a little

  • I hate to be a pedant but the Scots weren't overrun and conquered. They signed up to a union treaty after sharing a monarch for a hundred years. England and Scotland shared a Scottish king from 1603.

    Plus ca change ... England is best described today as a small country off the European coastline that is governed by Scots image

    As for Murray ... he's got every right to be surly and grumpy after leaving the sunny climes of Scotland for rainy and cold Spain.

  • but McEnroe was the original superbrat at the age Murray is now?!?

    Murray reminds me a little of him in some way and he is only  21 -which makes him not much than a kid

    just good to see someone wanting to win and be successful rather than just make up the numbers like most of "our" previous players

    and it could be worse he - could be a premiership footballer image too much money too much time and far too little education

  • Come on Murray you can do it for GT. BRITAIN.

    Lets get behind our sports stars, fed up with everything foreign taking over, especially the football joke that the Premiership has become!

     Back to Murray, he looks pretty awesome at the mo. Scottish he may be but so what,love to see him win.


  • interesting if he does win. will he see it as a win for GB or a win for Scotland.

    BB Dog aren't our rowers coached by a german?

  • why would he see it as either - surely its just a win for himself and his team

    Its an individual sport and nothing to do with nationalism - people support individual players that they like (or fancy in  alot of cases but doG knows what that says about Henmans fans ) until its the annual madness of Wimbledon

    sadly for Murray he has a dour personality, isnt a looker, has a pushy mum and is rather good at what he does ..the US should adore him then image

    Do you really think Borgs popularity was based on him being a Swede and if so why didnt it work for GrahamTaylor image?

  • At last a BRITISH tennis player with a pair of bollocks (apart from Annabel Croft) Such a nice change from  'Tiger 'Tim...
  • I can't wait for the final tonight, having thoroughly enjoyed Murray's tennis for a while now. I really admire the way he doesn't court the media, but just gets on with the game in his own way, without worrying about who he charms along the way. The semi was great, and I'm sure Nadal enjoyed the challenges that Andy brought him. They seemed to be thinking out each point as the match progressed - a pleasure to watch their strategies at work.

    Can't deny an extra bit of pride to see the saltires flying too, after that Beijing ban ; )

  • Didn't try an inch in the Olympics, so hope he gets stuffed tonight, cmon Rodge
  • Well he's been saying it for two weeks that he thinks he can win. He played Nadal of the court and was a good a match as anyone could have played. Some of his shots were fantastic. Nadal lost to a better player on the day. If he can play the way he did against Nadal I can see him beating Federer.  
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