Fat Club Mon 9th

Wahey! First in :)

Well the weekend was a totally wash out which included, dinner out, a roast, alcohol, lots of choclate and biscuits.
However I did get my butt out of bed and go for a run yesterday morning, it wasn't a brilliant effort but as I keep telling myself doing something is better than nothing.
Don't expect I will actaully have gained weight but dont' expect to have lost any either. I also got told this weekend to please not lose anymore weight from my breasts!! Funny isn't it I've got plenty of fat to spare from my butt and thighs but where do I lose it from the smallest part of me - my breasts.

So how was everyones weekend?


  • 2 days on call at the hospital, one 10k run and LOADS of food. coulndt drink till Sunday though,one good thing i suppose
  • Morning everyone,

    Had an excellent Great South Run (first ever 10 miler!) and completed it in 1hr41.21. Managed 91/2min miles up to mile 5 then paid the price of showing off and got stitch which I didn't shake off until mile 8! Then had to up the pace to make up for having slowed down. Did a Paul Radcliffe sprint for the last 200 metres or so and got a huge cheer form the crowd. Celebrated with chocolate and had copious amounts of wine when we got home.

    My diet for the last couple of weeks of stress/anxiety/chocolate and alcohol seems to be working well - lost 2 lbs (haven't weighed for 2 weeks now). Specialist has agreed I can start my treatment after my 1/2M on the 29th (I was worried about this because I won't be able to run/train/ride for at least 4 weeks after the op.) No more feeling sorry for myself from now on so back to healthy eating this week!

    Good luck to everyone weighing-in today.


    Total lost to date 45lbs
  • Morning all - well done Susie - sounds like you had a cracking run!

    I went for a long walk on Saturday and then had an average run yesterday - not bad but a bit of an effort. It was much hotter out than I expected so I hadn't taken my water with me.

    I ate pretty well but then had roast chicken and all the bits yesterday - no alcohol surprisingly! - and some chocolate buttons! I'm not due to weigh myself until Wednesday so we will see then.

    Today's exercise - a long walk this evening.

  • Morning All

    Had a lazy week last week and spent quite a bit of time enjoying my food - thus I’ve put a couple of lbs on

    Now 14st 4lb - body fat 20%

  • Congrats on the race Susie, proper inspirational!

    Mixed weekend for me, decided to have a small emotional breakdown in the pub Friday night, so my mum took me to her posh gym to cheer me up. Fantastic, did my weights and a good 25 minute run then a splash around in the outdoor pool.

    Had half decent run / walk out Sunday morning then undid any good work by going to the rugby, eating chips (until an innovative club introduces a salad bar, matchday eating is restricted to chip barmcakes and pie and peas) and drinking copious amounts of alcohol.

    My head hurts...
  • Well done, Suzie. Great time! And 45lbs off is just phenomenal.

    I had a pretty busy weekend, including a little race, but bought a mountain of fruit in Sainsbury's on Saturday (so many nice things, I had to have them all) and am trying hard to eat it all before it goes off, so not much room in my tum for rubbishy snacks. The kids and Mr V-rap help, of course - the baby even demands that I share my mangoes with her. When we go to visit my family, my mother won't buy fruit at all because we eat it at such a rate. Good Scots hospitality or what?

    Big pizza last night, then half of Ivor's pizza as well because his eye was bigger than his belly and I had the reverse problem. Just glad I'd persuaded him to have chicken instead of nasty pepperoni. Chocolate later - not sure how much because Angelmouse and I shared a 100g bar and I wasn't counting how much we each had.

    Scales at gym have disappeared. Weighed myself on my surgery set this morning. 7st 10.5lb - another 1.5lb off, I think. Not bad for a week of relatively little running.
  • Morning All. Well, my weekend was a bit mental, hosted dinner party on Friday (pasta, salad and chocolate cake!), cricket on Saturday (did have veg for dipping in low fat dips by scoffed pringles too) followed by late night curry, work and shopping on Sunday. I haven't drunk so much in years. Did manage to get to gym on Sunday, did 12k cycling and only a wee 10 minute run, ITBS okay but didn't want to push it. Jumped on gym scales and got a bit of a fright, I'd put on 5lbs - arrggghhh - then realised gym scales were doing funny things, the needle got stuck at 8 stone at one point. Reckon I've put on a few lbs due to PMS and weekend of sin but heh, I had such a good time, and can't be good all the time. Going to try running with gym running club tonight.
  • Seems to be fess up time - I've drunk like a fish for days now - time to stop it.

    Eating well as the veg garden is producing faster than 4 can eat it. Yesterday after my 9miler I did Sunday lunch - roasted two ribs of Beef - and roasted pots and zuchini plus a side of runner beans and very fatty gravy and you have a brill meal but heavy on the fat and cals. Thankfully I don't do Yorkshires everytime I do a roast, and unlike my Mother I don't do mashed potato and roast for the same meal.

    Weigh day tomorrow and after a 21m week even with the "bad" bits I should be down some more. Fingers crossed.
  • Morning F-Club!
    Mr and I did the Cycle for Life this weekend - 30K around countryside - while friends looked after Sprogs and then made us Lunch. Very grateful and had QT with other half.
    We finished in the first 30 and did a time of 1hr35mins. It was quite hard work but i could not get over the feeling that I was cheAting - I should have been running it!

    Cycling is great but you can coast down the hills!

    I promised myself I would stay away from Forums all weekend (I had a small lapse on Saturaday night). I am finding this quite addictive and must not neglect children. Smallest toddler keeps turning off my washing machine mid cycle. and I made the mistake of going into the back garden so everyone followed me out so we now have mud in the house.
    running around - must be losing weight!!
  • hi there everyone (and thanks for the links WildWill - shall be following them through and aiming for an olympic distance tri in the new year).

    loss for the 1st week 2lb, to go 18lb. The runs are certainly helping - 11 mile prep for the bristol half this weekend, but the lure of the red wine afterwards means that it wasn't as good as it could have been..

    heres to an alcohol free week...
  • Okay so I missed last week's weigh in day but it was down again last week (not in a good way either) but I'm pleased to announce that the alarmingly fast weight loss seems to have stopped and reversed gear... I'm back up to 12st 10 even with TOTM approaching so I don't think that's so bad - considering I was 12st 7 two weeks ago.

    I know the idea in this thread is to LOSE weight but I want it to be properly not at the rate of knots which it seemed to be disppearing!

    Food intake has been pretty good this week - relatively healthy sandwiches at the hospital and since I've been home we've managed to go shopping and stock up on plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables. I think at this point the vitamins and goodness thing is more important than calorie counting. I've decided to let myself eat what I like as long as it's healthy. For example today I had

    Breakfast -- Branflakes with chopped nectarine and a banana and strawberry smoothie (yoghurt & skimmed milk)

    Lunch -- Pasta twists, chicken, lettuce, grated carrots and two soft white rolls. Another nectarine.

    Dinner -- plan to have brown rice and stir fry chicken & vegetables in chinese five spice seasoning. Yoghurt.

    Lots of water.

    What do you think..? I think it seems okay. Lunch possibly was too heavy and I might swap the salad tomorrow for maybe soup with a liquidised carrot added.
  • Survived another tea time without eating creamy mash potatoes or Banana custard. But then so did children.
    I can't get them to eat anything. it is so frustrating. Smallest seems to exist on water and raisins and milk.
    It just doesn't seem fair - I could hoover up everything in sight and they just pick and pick and throw it on the floor. How can the balance be so uneven? I know they will never starve to death intentionally. I have sat here eating slices of apple and cherry tomatos (just to keep them company and keep my hands out of their plate). I have now got another battlefield of food and carpet and plates to wade through.
    Sorry to moan but I have had enough. I am trying to be good and not comfort eat. I just want to stand in front of the fridge and eat. I can't go running. sigh.....
    I am not much of an advert for mother hood today
  • The bloody childcare books and the nice brisk health visitors make it all sound so easy, Soozie, don't you think? Such good advice - don't give your child sweet stuff and they won't get a sweet tooth, children will eat whatever you give them if they're hungry enough, no child will voluntarily starve, children are endlessly curious and love strong flavours and new eating experiences, children who refuse to eat are rebelling against parents who overvalue eating...


    Nobody devoured more childcare books than I did, and NONE of my children would touch baby rice and unsweetened apple puree. I don't blame them. The only thing that kept me sane during the weaning years was that I had so much to do that I didn't particularly care whether the kids ate or not. Milupa good, Mummy's hand-prepared ice-cube-tray portions of meat and veg bad. It's better now, but I still have one six-year-old who subsisted until recently on "butter sandwiches" and chunks of cucumber - she has recently added broccoli and apples to her repertoire. She's scarily skinny, but it doesn't seem to slow her down.

    Look forward to the teens. I'm told that having a teenage boy is like sharing your home with a plague of locusts. My 8-year-old son is pretty much like that already.

    Soozie, throw the leftovers away. Waste, not waist. Tell the rascals that they eat it or they starve till the next meal and it's them that will be hungry, not you. And don't worry about what Annabel Karmel says. I'll bet she buys Chicksticks like the rest of us.
  • Sorrry for previous "teatime "rant. Things better now - the Teletubbies are on.
  • "Things better now - the Teletubbies are on." That's not a sentence you hear everyday...
  • Hi everyone

    Went to a wedding on Saturday - bride looked really amazing, has lost loads of weight since I saw her a while ago - she told me that this was all due to taking up running! She started in April with short runs interspersed with walk/stretch breaks and now does two 5-milers and a 7-8 miler each week! She says she has so much more enegy than she used to have and is becoming quite addicted, having led a pretty sedentary life before. What a star!

    Glenn how did your blood pressure check go today?

  • So glad you are there, Raptor. While I was writing previous rant, I wishing that you would be around to give me a level-headed dose of sense.
    All is peace and calm again in Sooz Household, Mr is home and reading sprogs stories as I make Leek and Potato soup all warm and golden. Its that mad time between half 4 and 6, which children get the wind up them and run around in circles hurting themselves. Its hard to stay sane.
    PS I know it is a different thread but I was amazed to read your parents used to drive you and your sister about on a sunday for pleasure. Times have changed.
  • Cath
    Where is your hospital.Mine doesnt do healthy sarnies,so I make my own
    Pity the canteen only does chips etc at night
    Almost worth the on call
  • Weekend has not been as good as I had hoped.
    Ate too much & drunk too much. But only on Sunday. Sat night had water & pasta at the pasta party, don't think it actually helped my race though. Nessie was trying out the theory of a couple of glasses of red wine ... then got a PB. Pre race .. 2 mini mars bars .. during race .. big bag of jelly beans ... after race .. off to pub celebrated till drunk :-)
  • benz -- hee! It was a BUPA hospital (mr's company scheme) so you get to choose what you want and the chef makes it 'specially for you ... but that's only if you don't like anything on their menu for the day.
  • Hi all,
    Just got back from my long weekend away and I've been positively angelic!! My best mate who I went away with can't drink at the moment as she is taking tablets, so being the good friend I am(!), decided to join her in a non-alcohol weekend (virtually unheard of..). So... because I was being soooo good with the non-drinking, I was also very good with the eating (only had 1 pud the whole weekend - apple pie & custard - just couldn't resist!). AND... took my non-running friend out for two runs (well run/walks for her..) and totally converted her in a weekend! She couldn't wait to get back home so she could go buy a pair of running trainers! Anyway, this'll make you laugh... it was a 70's weekend, but when we got there, we noticed loads of old people. I said to one of the receptionists.. 'how come there's so many old people here?'. She said, 'Well, there's been a bit of a mix up, apparently the old people thought it was an 'Over 70's Weekend'..!!!' Classic!! Mind you, they all got up & bopped the night away to Abba & Slade!!!
    Redhead - Well done on your race time - fantastic!
    Cath - so good to have you back!! I've posted you a message on your other thread!
    Haven't weighed myself - will do tomorrow morning though.
    Michelle x
  • Cath,I would have asked for lobster thermidor or something.Actually,no,but do they do profiteroles
    Sorry everyone,must be hungry,altough after those enchiladas tonite i shouldnt be
    I love delia xx
    Pixie, are your shoes ok?
  • Away this weekend , and did terribly well - loads of fruit, no alcohol, limited meat - until the garlic bread came out! Then the gooseberry pie (who ever makes gooseberry pie? Really bad nostalgia kick set in). Better yesterday, and angelic today. After two days rest positively sprang around 25 minutes tonight in the rain. I think the autumn will suit me just nicely for running.

    Weighing in tomorrow!
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