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  • unlucky Paul though still a good time. Think though to carve over 2minutes off that within 2months to get sub 30 like some guy earlier on this thread said is a bit optimistic. Long term maybe though.

    However, the 40-50miles a week is spot on, i've done that for a good few months now. Did a 5k race dressed as santa today..even in that suit and running at what i felt was casual knocked out a 17:32 5k time. And my best time ever was 17;45 before that but generally 18mins but which felt flat thats encourgaing. Only now do i feel in sub 30mins 5miler pace though.

    Whens yourr next target?

  • Haha! I meant a fortnight, not a week. My typing can't keep up with my mind.

    My next race is the Eastleigh 10k in February/March(?!). So i'd like to get a PB (41'40" or under) for that.
  • It's true, I do piss around a bit. Short attention span and all that.
  • RFJRFJ ✭✭✭

    well done all today, perfect conditions.... I was planning a PB attempt (31:33) held from 3 years ago at Hanney 5, have been doing 35-45m base for the last 10 weeks or so, and that has included 2 PBs at 1/2 mara, a 10m PB and 2 5 k pbs, the 5ks have been used as speed work most weeks.

    Was expecting to hit 30:30 31:00 today.... went off very fast and tried to hold it, got in with a group at 2m and stuk with them, ended up doing 5:50, 5:56, 6:08, 5:54 and 5:51 for a 29:42 finish, and very happy.

    The moral to the PBs above is the fact that I have been running heavy for 9 and 1/2 years, decided it was time to ditch the rubber ring and changed my diet, 12 weeks later and 2st lighter and so solid base trg and I have PBs at 4 istance and times I never thought possible...

    Impossible is Nothing as per the advert....... hope this helps

    Well done to all racers again today.

  • Good luck with the 2 intervals and 1 tempo per week thing -rather you than me...

  • I look like an old man gurning. I swear i'm not even 22 yet!

    I didn't know you ran for Farnham, Yifter? I'd have said hi as I overtook you...
  • ...good crack at the V5, weather must have been good too. I went to watch the ill-fated Luton marathon.

    Good posts from Yifter, bit of old fashioned advice - but its true, I popped out a 32.38 10k from nowhere (pb of 45 secs) after 2 or 3 months of consistent training with some hellish tuesday training sessions from an ex-olympic steeple chaser (some of which were probably too hard...) so its what you want to get out of it of luck with the targets...

    as for finishing pictures...I did a 10k in Leighton Buzzard in the summer and I finished looking like Ducan Norveille (remeber him? chase me!! chase me!!.) Eyes closed, limp hand out in front. Nightmare image

  • A lot of people come to this forum for different reasons. Despite the huge numbers of people who run... amongst mainstream folks, it's still an outsiders hobby. After my first ever race, I boasted to my friends of finishing a 5 mile race in 37.5 minutes... and most of them just responded with "why on earth would you want to run 5 miles?".

    So I understand why many would come to a forum like this to find support from people who understand the sport. Because it would be easy to be surrounded by friends and family who hadn't a clue. It's nice to be congratulated on finishing a race in 11min miles, from those who went through it years before.

    On the other hand, some people come here for advice. And that's the main reason i'm here. I'm not going to get offended if Yifter comes on here and calls me a bloody idiot and says i'm training wrong if its THE TRUTH. I want genuine, serious advice... not to be told to carry on as I am.

    If the way im training is only good for maintaining my current level then i'll bin it and try harder.

    And you're right Simon, it is old-fashioned advice. But its the kind of thing my Grandpa always says... "you aren't working hard enough!". And he was running 1'54" for 800m when he was my age... so he'd know.

    I need to get out of the comfort zone. So feel free to insult me everyone and help me do it.
  • Paul, you're a w*nker! (Joke! Sorry, that was too easy image)

    Simon, did those Tuesday night sessions happen to be with HHH at Tooting Bec track? If so, who's the Olympic steeple chaser? Remember you telling me about HHH when I was about to join. Well, I've been to 5/6 Tuesday sessions now and am loving it - definitely feeling the benefits already. Nice one for the encouragement.

    And to go off on another tangent...I've just booked five tickets for me and my mates to the World Athletics Championships in Berlin! Managed to get finishing straight tickets on the night of:

    Women's 400m final (possibly Christine O and Nicola Sanders)

    Men's triple jump final (possibly Philips Idowu)

    Men's 400m hurdles final

    Men's 3000m steeple chase final

    I'll also see some chancer by the name of U Bolt in the 200m (only the quarter final, mind).

    There are still tickets for the men's 200m and 100m finals, but they're not great seats so thought I'd go for another night. Can't wait!!! 

  • I think Paul was right first time meself ...
  • Right first time about what?

    Another night shift for you M.eldy?

  • Yifty being a grandad

    Yep .. first night of two for me,  Hastings marathon on Sunday!
  • Oh good stuff. What time are you aiming for?

    I've got about 9 weeks more of nights... then I start my 7 weeks of classroom training! I know this might sound like a daft question... but is the training paid, do you know?

  • I wasn't saying he was a grandad, or comparing him to one! My grandpa was just a county-level runner in the late 50's and early 60's and he constantly tells me i'm not working hard enough. Being that he was faster than Kelly Holmes over 800m and 400m, I can't really argue back.
  • yes the training will be paid as you will start contractual employment (I hope!)

    Time?  Difficult because its quite a hilly course,  my pb is 5.15 this year on a flat course so anywhere near there will be good

  • Right, I shall let this thread die a death! Roll on Eastleigh.
  • Nifty Yifty I am always out there for a long time - just some times they are shorter longer days than others!

    Sorry Paul ....   really going now   image

  • M.m.m.m.m.m.m.m.m.m.m.m.m.m.eldy!!!!!!!

     It's okay, I haven't started the new thread yet!

  • old threads never die,  they just dont get pb's any more

    Anyway its quite comfortable in old threads, people will never just let them go

    and I am off home in a mo    image
  • Good night!
  • I should have come on this morning, I was up and coughing my lungs up again at First day off work in 7 years and the last Stevenage 5k tonight and possibly Andy Reading 10k on Sunday up the spout..grrimage

    Shelf side -  It was John Bicourt, but about 2 years ago now. we had a grioup that started a bit earlier at 6.15 on a tues. Tim is still doint the session with the fast boys down there on a tues (lanky skinny guy who is a good improving runner but he tells me is still hanging off the back of the group!)

  • Yep, saw the earlier group at the track last night - fast...

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