Traditions for race number 1

I have been given the number 1 as my race number for a race this weekend.  I was just wondering if there are any running traditions associated with having number 1 on your front.  I was thinking of starting at the front, but as it's an invitational event I suspect it will be quick (much quicker than my usual races), so I'll get trampled.


  • What a photo opportunity though ... on the start line poised for action sporting the numero uno ... surely worth a mild trampling image
  • As I understand it you are obliged to win the race??? image

  • And buy the drinks afterwards...
  • The rules state

     'any runner sporting the number 1 is obliged to at least try to win the race - and if they do not succeed finish in the top 3 - any athlete failing to do so will be subjected to a drug test and may sunsequently be banned for a period of mot less than 2 years and will not be allowed to compete at the 2012 (or any other Olympics or Commonwealth Games) unless successfully suing the British Olympic Assoication'

  • I must admit I'm tempted to stand at the front for the photo opportunity and then make way for everyone as they go past.  I haven't got a snowball's chance in hell of coming in the top 3.

  • Maybe you are the only runner ?!

    Guaranteed top 3 finish - enjoy the moment , it is unlikely to come again (statistically image)

  • Either you were the most eager entrant on the planet

    Or your name is Aaaba Aaaabe

  • I think I was the most eager runner.  I was in the middle of a lull so I decided to enter a few races to sort myself out and this came up, so I entered.  It's meant to be a training run, but I think I might just have to race it so I can get a PB for my pride.
  • Keep us posted.......

    ........ no pressure.......

    ......much image

  • I always got told that the number 1 had to open her legs to the winner.  Don't really know what that means by I read it in some terms and conditions somewhere.
  • Are you the winner?
  • No not the winner but he is always number 1! thats how he knows
  • I'm always the winner.
  • He's a girl?

    You are a winner, Coops.

    A very special little winner

    *pat pat*

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