Wetherby Run 10K

I'm doing this for the first time on Sunday but I'm unsure wha footwear to use.

Does multi-terrain mean cross country i.e. mud and all that or footpaths and wooded trails etc.

Would road trainers or trail runners be most appropriate?

Any help appreciated.


  • I had a jog around the course at the weekend and it's mainly on roads or tarmac paths.  There is a bit however between about 1k and 2k where the course follows a track which was a bit muddy with a number of puddles after the recent rain.

     I'm going to run in road shoes which I think will be ok.

  • I was wondering about this too - given that it's mostly road however, think I'll opt for my old pair of road shoes.
  • Thanks for replying next2nuthin and Raring to go - old pair of road shoes sounds like  agood plan. Good luck and thanks again.
  • Well looks like we've got a nice day for it!  image
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