think I've been bitten by a Dartmoor Beast

On Sunday, I did a muddy boggy 5 miler round Dartmoor. This afternoon, I noticed the back of my right knee was sore and when I looked at it, I've got a bright red spot in the crease where my hamstrings go. Now it's hot to touch and quite firm, like there's a lump below my knee joint. The redness looks like it's tracking both above and below the main spot. Is it likely I was bitten by something on Sunday?

I've got something similar on the inside edge of my left knee which looks like a blister, again with redness around it, but it's not as large or painful as the one on the right.

Does anyone have any suggestions? I'm at hospital tomorrow for pre op checks before an operation next week and don't want to have to postpone it.


  • beebsbeebs ✭✭✭
    eek don't know kwilter but hope it doesn'r hinder your op
  • A blister sounds like impetigo - I'd get to GP. Skin infections pre op would mean no op .....
  • Don't think it's impetigo Mrs P. I wondered at first if it was where the silicone from my running tights had been rubbing, but this morning I would have expected it to have improved and it's still pretty much the same. I suppose I'd better flash my knees at the nurse at hospital <sigh>
  • It's OK............ I have researched a cure for you 

    applying dried toads to relieve the pain of the buboes by absorbing the "poisons,"

    It's not a problem. Don't thank me. Least I could do.......

  • Wow, thanks, toads! I'd not got as far in my google induced panic as to think of Plague, but there you go. Still if that hardon collider thing works I won't have to worry about dying in a horrid mess of pus and gangrene
  • How long do we have?

    My elder two are still in bed. Should I wake them to tell them I love them before we go bang?

  • Wrong thread Mrs P?
  • Yes and no...........
  • Four years, according to what I read, Mrs P. 

    Then there will be a light ray coming out of the Indian Ocean.

    So says the Metro paper.

  • It sounds as though you may have been bitten by a horse fly.

    I was bitten twice at Totnes on the back of my ankle and it went hot and hard like you've described. My ankle swelled to twice it's normal size too. I took anti-histamine and rubbed ibrobrufen gel on the area and it went down after a day or two.

  • anti hist probably best as small says - does sound like horse flies to me kwilter. I have had some bloody awful ones over the years....
  • There again it could be a tick bite - Lyme Disease - nasty!  Seriously though keep and eye on it and watch out for any flu like symptoms in the next few weeks.  Good luck with op.
  • It was some sort of insect bite, now on erythromycin for a week. I'm hobbling like I've done a marathon as the bite on my right leg is stopping me straightening my knee.
  • beebsbeebs ✭✭✭
    ouch, kwilter
  • ...and I've pulled out of Sunday's r*ce image.

    That was just to prove I too can be sensible and mature

  • beebsbeebs ✭✭✭
    very sensible and mature, well done
  • Still if that hardon collider thing works .....before we go bang?

    lol so if it was the end of the world we all know what you would be doing !image

  • ooops! How very Freudian image

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