Forerunner 305 Courses


 I have managed to create a simple course with Memory Map and transferred it to my Forerunner 305.

However, when I have tried to follow the course it points me to Way point 1, I get the message you have arrived at way point, then the course does not move on to the next way point just points back to way point 1 all the time. So I end up just following the map page.

Any ideas how to move on to the next way point and should this happen automatically?


  • I don't really understand way points, but have succesfully used mapmy run to dreate routes and transfer them to my 305.. by using the following procedure.

    Save your Map My Run route to a location on your PC using the "save" function...

    Click the drop down button and select "save as garmin course"
    Click the  "file type" button and select "crs file"
    click "get course file"

    then name it and save it where you want to, you will be importing it from that location into TC.

    Open TC

    Click "File", "import", "courses" then browse for where you saved the course from map my run.
    click "open" and a folder will appear  under your courses tab in TC called "mapmyfitness"

    If you're not familiar with mapmyrun it's worth spending a happy hour playing with it.

  • are you on about or

    or neither?

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