I too had the email saying 1st week in October whereas they initially stated September. The postman will notice that I have stopped smiling at him for another few weeks. I hope I will be 3rd time lucky this year - at 43 I am getting too old to maintain the miles.........


  • I too am waiting, terrible isn't it... It would also be 3rd time lucky for me too, I ran it in 2006 but only through a golden bond charity place. I would really love to do it again as I didn't have a good experience (in fact probably the worst run of my life) and I really want to have great memories of it.

    Fingers crossed!!!

  • You are never to old to maintain the miles.

    Good luck with the ballot.  I will be on holiday the first 2 weeks of October so will be eagerly attacking the mountain of post when I get back.

  • I'm not even thinking about it. If I do, I'll blame the postman too.....image
  • Actually it will be 4th time lucky for me (2006, 2007, 2008 rejected!!!) There is no hope if you can't even count!!!!

    Still I am training for the Great North Run now so should know when I've done that how to plan training.

  • If I get in it will be 4th time lucky, not holding out much hope thou. Just keep doing different marathon instead.
  • Poor posties, I smile at my posty every morning (mind you I do live with one)

    You should be nice to them!! image

  • I'm not too fussed if I don't get in as I'll be deferring anyway.  Would be nice to know one way or another though.
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