I have a 10k Next Sunday (21st) and haven't been running for erm.......2 weeks now. Even before that it was getting very sporadic shall we say? My excuse is starting a new job/daughter starting school (and hence needing Schoo, uniform IRONED and needing packed lunches)/both kids staring with new childminder etc etc.

 The most I've run before is 5 miles (about 6 weeks ago). Am I still OK to do my 10K (and accepting that my time will probably be pants)?


  • Kate,

    Try to fit in at least two good runs this week and take it from there to see if you want to run it next week.

  • If you could do five miles a few weeks ago and it didn't utterly utterly exhaust you and make you ache all over then I'd say you may as well give it a go.  Depends on the type of race - do you know how big the field is?  If its say a charity race (Cancer Research 10k?) where lots of people of all abilities are likely to show up then it'd be fine.  If its a more serious club race and you could be right at the back on your own for ages then it would probably do more harm than good to your motivation to do it (and possibly pee off the organisers? - no offence intended to clubs - its just something I'm always a bit anxious about doing as I am a plodder....)

    Good luck!

  • Whatever you can run in training... you can run 200% more in a race.

    When I did my first ever competitive race (5M) i'd never in my life run more than 2.5 miles.

    Hope this reassures.

  • BB ✭✭✭
    You'll have no problem once you pin that number on if you've already done 5 miles. Try to get out for at least one easy slow run this week just to remind your body what it's all about. You'll have a blast, as Paul said you'll easily be able to run further and faster in a race just because of the atmosphere etc., but don't go off too fast and have fun! Good luckimage
  • Have been out and run 3 miles this morning without too much trouble (bit more puffed than normal, but that's what you get for beng lazy and not running for 2 weeks!) so hopefully, I'll be OK.
  • you chould be fine Kate, I had only run 4 miles 2 weeks before my first 10k and managed it and didn't come last ( and I'm no sprinter!!!)

    good luck!

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