The Sussex Beacon Half-Marathon



  • well done- keep at it
  • Dawn - good luck with Hasting Half Marathon. It is a hilly race, but I would do it again.
  • Well done everyone! image

    The guy with the stripey suit and mask that appears to have cheated (I overtook him twice but he didn't overtake me at all) is pictured twice in the Evening Argus' (local rag) race supplement today. He's wearing a huge grin and has had his name put underneath the picture. He obviously has no shame at all....

  • what's his name? I saw him looking absolutely xxxxed on about 5 miles and walking.
  • Dawn - try practising with a gel on a shorter run, say 6 miles. I use lucozade gels, as I found the lucozade sport made me feel sick after a while. I have no ill effects with the gels, and only take a small swig of water with them.

    As for your time - you were faster than me, and I'm training for FLM too. Don't worry about times at this stage - distance is more important.

    Maybe see you at Hastings!
  • I also passed the stripey man twice, both times he was walking.

    Were there medals for quicker finishers?

    I had to contend with large t shirt that looks like a nightie!

  • My first half marathon and had a mental goal of 2:10:00 and so was pleased to be under that by two and a half mintes. Pete Sherri, you seemed to have been 45 seconds faster than me whilst finishing one pace behind me!

     I too overtook the pinstriped "big head" and I thought it had to be two people as I would have remembered being overtaken by a man dressed like that.  I was also overtaken by two firemens ladders and so I really thought that a state of dilerium had set in, but that I am sure was two DIFFERENT groups of firemen.

     Sleepy Jo, I too live in Horley but I only set out at about 8 am and was ok with parking in the Marina carparks.  I intended to leave earlier but just could not get everything done before I set out!

     I am happy to have a t-shirt rather than a medal which gets hung up near the computer whereas I can wear a t-shirt out of the house without too much embarassment.

  • Think they were the same firemen, I had a good look at them ha ha image

    Don't mind having a t shirt but I'm sure I ticked small on the form but the lady giving them out said they had run out of small and medium and there were only large and xl left, meaning my tshirt is rather too big!

  •  I've done the last few Brighton Halfs and think the change of the course helped (all the complaints about the cliff top stretch). Def would have preferred a medal but that would be my only complaint. Ideal running conditions and well marshalled.

    Who knows - this could be a training run for next year's first Brighton Marathon.

  • It was a guy called Paul Young but definitely wasn't the singer. LOL!!
  • A short rather large lady also appeared in front of me twice...walking at 1 mile and walking at 9.5 miles without passing me once at her plod walk pace.  They are only cheating themselves.
  • Cinders, there is definitely two groups of "38th Trainee Firefighter Course", with one finishing at around the 2:04:55 mark and the second finishing around the 2:14:20 mark. I noticed that the two ladders were different, being a bloke I notice that sort of thing image.

  • Paul Young is my nemesis image
  • Paul Young finished in 2:49 - so maybe he didn't cheat after all!

    Did anyone else have the argus posted to them today?

  • Dawn - you may just need to experiment with gels. I have tried the SIS  and the Lucozade Sport ones and both have given me the trots image But for me High 5 ones are brilliant. Its trial and error image Also, re your loo stops......... I find it best to hydrate to my hearts content before a race but don't drink in the 2 hours prior to the start. That way I get rid of the water I don't need image I have a couple of slugs of water just before the off then just take sips all the way round from a bottle I carry. I can now do a marathon without a loo stop - 5 hours! Good luck!

    My garmin measured 13.19m - the mile markers were out a lot of the time but as someone said earlier, the organisers use the lamposts etc so don't really have much choice where to put them.

    I passed a couple of runners who had very distinctive t-shirts on then later on I caught up with them again..............  didn't see the guy in the big suit though.

    I love this race personally and will be back again next year. I hope they decide to give medals out though instead of the t-shirts. The medals they usually give out are the same each year but the ribbon changes so they obviously bought in bulk to save money previously.

  • Did anyone get the dog tags that have been mentioned a few times in the reviews? I'm intrigued!

    As for the medals last year - they ran out with over 100 finishers to go, so I had to wait a few weeks to get mine, which was a bit annoying. At least they didn't run out of t-shirts...
  •        No dog tags in my bag..........

           In my bag:       

           'Oat bar'        Bag of sultanas/raisins        Odd mix of flyers

           Banana, bottle of water and t-shirt received in finishing area.......





  • Just remembered while doing the run there was a fella close to me for a fair bit who was breathing really heavily. First thought was is he going to be ok, next thought was that he sounded exactly like those big seashells that you put to your ear and it sounds like the sea. Mind you when i was having problems drinking from the paper cups i was thinking of the scene from Airplane where he says he has a drinking problem.

    Did enjoy this race and hopefully will be there next year.

  • If anyone is interested photos are available at

    usual pricey things.

  • Yeah - a couple of totally crap ones of me and a zillion of Mr big head suit Paul Young possible cheating man! image
  • Let me know your race numbers and I will look and see if my hubby took any of you. If I have I will email them to you.
  • paul young 2h49 - no he definitely did cheat! i ran past him at 4ish and 10ish miles - both time he was wlking v slowly... so it must have taken him an hour to walk the last 3?

    photos rubbish as usual - apart from early ones when i knew the photographer was there so am smiley and standing up straight.... towards the end i am my usual crumpled self...

  • Gadrags - My husband took a photo of Paul only the beach before you climbed back up onto the road before the pier. Hubby camera digital camera say there at 11.05am, which I think was about the 8 mile mark. He was also in front of my friend Steve and me, but he was one of the last to cross the start line.  We have a photo of him crossing the start line in 9.56am, but he was in front of Roobarb my friend.
  • I fed back about this cheating on the online survey that i was sent - what a waster.

  • Hi Tracey G,

    My race number was 2535. Trying to get a photo for my justgiving site for London Marathon (is that really twice as long as sundays run!!!).

    If none no worries.

  • My race number was 1641 ... Any of me , I hope I not break the camera ..
  • My experience of Mr Young are the same as Galdrags, overtaking him in Hove between miles 4 and 5, and then again on Marine Parade at around the 9 mile mark.  Still I finished in front of him and my only race was against the goal time I had estimated it may take me as this was my first Half.

     Tracey G, I was runner number 3825.  If you have any photos of me I would be interested to have a look!  Thanks for the offer in advance.

  • i also fed back about PY cheating in the race in the survey  image
  • Sorry not found anyone photos. But it was worth a try, as sometime you get lucky.
  • I seemed to get bugger all in my bag image

    a chunky kit kat and that was it apart from the leaflets image

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