The Sussex Beacon Half-Marathon



  • Chunky kit kat?

    I had two choccie oat bars (ate one straight away!), and two Jordan's cereal samples (ate both last night) plus the usual rubbish flyers. Still, better than last year - we got some dodgy "energy" bar that I kept for several months until I had nothing in the house to eat. It was gross!
  • Roobs - I would have loved the Ki Kat. Raisin and sultanas was all that I eat out of mine. Chocolate breakie cereal bar and muesli with nuts that I cannot eat was not good to me. Give me a Kit Kat or Mars bar any day.

  • Who made up these bags. I choccie oat bar, 1 Jordan's cereal sample and raisin and sultanas in a bag.
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