My feet is my only carriage



  • Catch up: congratulations, and I do detect an appetite for more punishment?

    An early finish today for me, allowing a tidy 8 miler at cruising pace. Met up with a club mate who was cycling home and he was hopeless at keeping the pace. Too slow at first then too fast. Got home with a bit of an iffy digestive system which probably relates to the unending buffet yesterday. It'll go away.

    Tomorrow: is anyone in or near Dorchester or Weymouth in the evening and fancy an outing? BRilly?

  • Dustin: congrats on the PB's for you and your daughter, to answer your question, apart from one bad patch after 1:45ish, yesterdays run definatelywas on the cure end of the spectrum

    Peahead: congrats on a cracking time, even if it wasn't quite what you wanted.

    Catchup: congrats on the debut marathon, and being able to use the stairs today

    BR: sorry to hear chippenham didn't go to plan for you. 

    What: rest
    Why: seems like 2 days of stag do fun and games is harder on my body than doing 70mpw!
    Last hard: friday
    Last rest: today
  • Had to ditch my run tonight as we had one of those rainy events that hits every couple of weeks where it is so heavy that the roads get to 3-6" water in minutes, the culverts become torrents and the rain is warm, but the size of golf balls! So it's turned into a rest day, well I'll nip out to the back garden onto the spin bike for a few stationary miles with the company of the tree frogs, and crickets instead.

    Lyrics were from No woman no cry, by the 'Bob Dylan' of the Caribbean, Bob Marley!

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