Paris Half Marathon

I  thought the Paris Half marathon registration was today, but the web site shows nothing.

Has anyone got any advice?


  • It's ok it has gone live now

    If any one interested March 08 2009.

  • I am registered, signed up this morning and sorted my EasyJet flight from Edinburgh (£60.00 return) image

    I phoned my wife earlier today and asked if she fancied a trip to Paris for 3 days - she was over the moon.  I'll need to mention soon I am going to do the half marathon on the Sunday morning image

  • well that's me all signed up. I'm really loking forward to this, as is the girlfriend (although she doesn't know about the race yet either...image) , now all that's let is to book transport

    Has any one done this before? Any tips on the route etc?

  • hi everyone

     i've signed up to do the Paris half too - really looking forward to it. It's my first half so any tips on the course/event like Mark says would be good for those that have done it before. Having looked round the route street by street it should be nice and flat (my boyfriend is a Parisian and his family live near the start so I know the area/city well). 

    good luck with the training everyone, I am struggling to stay motivated with the dark nights but want to train properly for this, as a relative newbie to running I think I should treat the distance with some respect.

  • I have signed up too. Complete newbie (only running a month) so should be interesting. Following the RW half marathon for beginners programme. Longest run so far has been 5 miles. Doing 6 on Sat. Not too bad so far but v early days! Good luck everyone!

  • I'm signed up too - did the Nice-Cannes Marathon last November so really looking forward to this one.

    The French events are usually really well organised,


  • Hope everyone had a good race though the weather was a bit naff around noon time !

     It was my first Half and I loved it!


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