Just passing through

I haven't been around as I can't r*n, and the forum would constantly remind me of it. However, I just thought I'd stop by and mention that it's two years today since I packed in the fags. If I can do it, anyone can.


  • Lovely to see you again SOG!  You've been missed!

    Who gives a monkey's if you can't run.  You don't have to run to write!!

  • Wotcha SOG.  Wot Garr said... plus, when we are posting, we are not running.  I'm sitting.  image
  • Hiya SOG!

    Well done and we missed you ... stay! image

  • Well done of the fags, best thing you ever did packing them in? 
  • Hello SOG - sorry to hear about you not being able to run... well done at packing in the cigs
  • hi SOG - how's the biz going??
  • Trouble is, I hate being reminded that I can't run. That's why I haven't hung around.

    Yes, packing in the fags was the best thing I ever did. I would have been down another £3,000 and smoked over 12,500 fags in the two years. If laid end to end those fags would have reached over half a mile. Can you imagine it? 

    FB, I'm afraid it isn't. This gives me plenty of time for reading. My current favourite is 'situations vacant'.

    Hi to everyone! image

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