Kareoke geezer

I saw the Karaoke Pacer near the bogs before the start and wondered how his run went. Did anyone see him and what was he singing?


  • I saw and spoke to him at mile 13, he was singing Bohemian Rhapsody.
  • He was singing every thing and anything. He was brilliant.
  • made me smile and i thought he was fun
  • Boing - Did he sing all the way round?
  • Hey Fat... what is all that 'Boing' about - did you REALLY like the singing pacer?????
  • I saw him at mile 11, and then again at mile 13, and he was doing brilliantly! Was he the same guy who was playing the clarinet a previous year?
  • He serenaded the forumites at mile 18
  • i saw him after about 6 miles, he was still singing hey baby i wanna know if youll be my girl, i put my foot down after that
  • That's what he was singing at mile 18 too
  • Hi Folks,

    Sorry just seen the thread.
    Yes managed to keep it going despite some technical difficulties with the Karaoke gear at mile 8 (my speakers bounced of my carrier).

    I only stopped for some water breaks - probably drank twice as much as normal.

    Everyone was terrific - even the runners that were lumbered with me for most of the way - I did give their ears (and my throat a break for about 3 or 4 miles by singing a bit more quietly).

    Sang with the Pearly Kings and Queens, the Jazz Band and a couple of the other bands as well.

    Had a ball.

    For full report see thread titled "I will survive"

  • ps
    No wasn't me who played the clarinet - my instrument is the piano - could be difficult to get around the course..........
    got me thinking though
  • KP - came across you shortly into the race. Any marathon worries disappeared after that. Made me laugh for a longw hile.

    Well done and thanks
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