Littledown '5'

Just received my number for this - 83.  So if anyone sees me, please come and say 'Hi' as I'm usually 'Billy no mates' at these events image


  • You need to join a running club can I suggest the best club in Britain      !image

  • very slick gb image 
  • I'll be there. Not got my number yet but I will look out for the good looking one wearing 83.
  • I was gonna do it but I need to do a long run and can't fit it in anywhere else. Looks like I wont be making Littledown image
  • You need to join a running club can I suggest the best club in Britain ..

     ...Poole AC that is then Goldbeetle? (Sorry, been drummed into me by my Dad for too many years image)

  • best in UK?

     Poole Runners .....not my words.

    Then who's???

    Heres your answer

  • TT

    why dont you run to littledown, down the Stourvalley way takes you through Lytchett? do still live in Lytchett?

  • Hmmmm don't know the Stourvalley way but yes I'm still living in Lytchett. I'm thinking of maybe joining a few of your club nights once I've got Amsterdam Mara out the way, to check 'things' out.
  • come on down wednesdays are getting very busy theres always someone to run withimage
  • I'll take you up on that offer gb image 
  • I'm doing the southern 6 stage relay the day before this, so not sure about racing twice in 2 days 3 weeks out from a marathon.

    Goldbeetle - has the greatest club in the universe got a strong team out for the southerns?

  • Goldbeetle - followed your link and was interested to read the following:-

    Club nights are always well attended and at most local road races the club turns out 40 to 50 runners -

    I just did a quick check on the Dorset Road Race League results for this year - I guess they account for many `local road races' and found the following representation from Poole Runners...

    Broadstone Quarter - 38
    Milborne 10 - 28
    Lytchett 10 - 45
    Mad March Hare 20 - 15
    Bournemouth Quarter - 27
    Bournemouth HM - 18
    Poole 10k - 20
    Portland 10 - 18
    Sturminster HM - 27

    Granted that you organise 2 of the above races, 1 race with a representation over 40 is not `40 to 50'.  Can you explain the discrepancy? 

  • a little poetic licence perhaps

    perhaps it should have read can turn out 40-50, still its not a bad turn out considering

  • Indeed - maybe the RW staff edited the word outimage

    Is Willard running this one?  I heard a rumour that he had picked up an injury and had to miss the Nottingham HM.

  • Im not sure havent seen Willard for a few weeks
  • I'd love to join a running club, but as I teach aerobics Tues & Wed eves and Mon eves are spent preparing them, I don't have enough spare time!  Also, I prefer to run early in the morning.
  • I know GB....just a little friendly ribbing image

     My club Herne Hill Harriers are the bestest in my book....because

    1. Enter loads of races, especially cross countries

    2. Lots of social drinking!!

  • Kelly. I will be number 112.

    As for club: I belong to Dorset Doddlers.

    If not the best then probably the cheapest !

  • I'll look out for you GDB. image

  • Well done Kelly. A PB and better than your expected time
  • Thanks GDB. 

    Great to meet you.  See you again sometime!

  • Yes hopefully see you at a race soon. Next time I won't have to rush off. I had to go to the pub to celebrate my birthday.image
  • Good race this one apart from the fact the marshals could have been a little more verbal on occasions given the amount of twists and turns.  I was confused twice and my wife was impeded by a marshal on a blind bend.  Just minor gripes within an overall good organised raced.  Nice facilities at the race venue too.

    Pleased that the local club I joined managed to get 2nd and 3rd place overall prizes, 1st 2 vet men prizes, the men's team prize as well as the 1st vet female prize.  Not bad when we were up against the UK's No1 running club...

    They must have been on a high after being the only Dorset club to put out a team at the senior 6 stage southern relay the day before...

  • Grumpydirtbag wrote (see)
    Yes hopefully see you at a race soon. Next time I won't have to rush off. I had to go to the pub to celebrate my birthday.image
    Happy birthday then.  Its mine tomorrow image
  • happy birthday. You must be about 21 ish image
  • Yeah right image
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