10k on Sunday - timing question

I have my first 10k on Sunday eek! Went to pick up my T-shirt today and there were loads of superfi looking people there which scared me slightly! Also, they have all the road signs up and "drinks ahead" signs etc. Anyway, I have previously done 5 miles in just under 55 minutes (so just under 11 minute miles), I haven't ever run 10k in one go before. What kind of time could I realisticaly aim for? I was thinking around about 70 minutes, is that about right or could I go a bit faster?

How do I set the virtual partner thingy on my Garmin (305) to try and pace myself? I have no clue how to do it and don't find the instructions very clear. Thank you.


  • Just try for 11min miles and see how you go, you'll probably find that the "crowd factor" spurs you on, and you end up going faster, but just be mindfull of not going too quick too early on.

    Good luck.

  • You will run faster in a race than you do in practice. 66 mins seems a sensible goal to me.

    I'd just set a timer to beep after 11 minutes. You should be at a mile marker by then. Or if the race is measured in Kms - set it to 6mins 30secs or so. You should be at the Km post round about that time.
  • I'd say you don't want to be looking at your virtual partner - it'll just distract you.

    The bleep sounds like a better idea, though the first km could be a bit funky if there is a lot of congestion at the start.

  • Hi Kate  good luck for Sunday..... I enjoy using my virtual partner to keep me at an even pace when running on my own or in a race to try and beat my previous time........but my advise is if it starts telling you you are way behind then  press one of the up down arrows on th right side to change the screen to a different one as it can be demoralising when you get tooo far behindimageimage

    If you want to try the virtual partner  then I would recommend..

    training  Enter
    Training Options   Enter
    Virtual Partner   Enter
    It should say on if not use arrow button tyo make sure its on...


    Training   Enter
    Workouts   enter
    Quick   Enter
    Distance & time  enter
    custom  enter

    then use arrows to put 6.2 miles in  (if your watch is set on miles)

    Then Done and do similar with the time thing to your aimed time  and then press done

    Sorry it seems a bit long    hope it helps

  • I ran my 1st 10k recntly and like you aimed to get round under 70 minutes.

    It was marked in KM's so I just aimed to pass  each marker every every 6 minutes. It worked and I completed it 59.45.

    Good luck

  • Just get out there, don't go off too fast and enjoy the crowds etc. Don't get fixated on the time, just have fun and you might surprise yourself! best of luck.

  • So, the Swansea bay 10k is it. Myself I would not get too hung up on times or gadgets, just take a watch that does splits, the k's are marked so work out how fast you need to run each one in, got out there and click the lap when you pass each one.

    I tend to judge speed by how I feel. How close to keeling over or how comfortable and so on.
  • For your first race I would say just forget all about timing it and just run and enjoy it. Then base all your forthcoming efforts on beating that time and so on and so forth.
  • hi

    enjoy your race, I have a 10k on 5/10 in inverness.the crowds help me run faster,

  • Good luck and enjoy!
  • Yes I would agree as it's your first race, just go out and enjoy it, don't push yourself too hard or you'll only have to push yourself even harder next time to beat your pb!!!!
  • Well, I've done it. I didn't use the virtual partner in the end as I found a real one! I bumped into oneof the others from my running club and we both went round together - 68:41 (according to my Watch - official times will be published tomorrow) which I'm very pleased with, but most of all I'm just chuffed that I managed to finish 10K (having never gone further than 8 before) and that I ran all the way (bar 30seconds when I walked to drink the water they were handing out)!
  • WWOOOOHHHOOOOO you!  congratulations, I hope it's the first of many image
  • Well done Kate, good result image
  • Congratulations,must be a great feeling having achieved your first 10K at a good time as well.

    I hope to do the same soon!!

    Well done..
  • My first race too Kate. Finished about a minute after you so we were in the goody bag queue together for about 20 minutes ha ha. I must admit that I enjoyed talking about the run more than the run itself. Bit stiff now but I'm feeling quite proud of myself.

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