Saturday 20th Sept 2008


Cold slowly clearing so

What; easy double, 1 hour bike, I hour run, both hilly

Why: Done most of the real hard work, no need to overdo it.
Last hard: 3 days

Have a great day


  • Damn this is early..

    What: 8 miles inc. 8-12 x 150m strides
    Why: It's in the schedule!
    Last Hard: 10M on thursday with 6 x 1200m fast spurts at 10k pace

     Have fun everyone. It's a bit chilly out.

  • GobiGobi ✭✭✭
    What: NHTT with Bobbi target 30 mins
    RnR stage 7 target 5.40 pace for 9.24 miles
    Why: because I am worth it
    Last hard: Thursday
    Last rest: 29th August
    Lyrics: unusally YES I DO

    Morning all, some interesting stuff yesterday
  • Hi All

    Yesterdays lyrics Mr Blue Sky, ELO

    What:: 16 miles d & d with the dawn patrol, fairly slow all of us having trashed ourselves atn Thursday nights race.
    Why: we always run on saturday mornings and Munich is but thre weeks away
    Last Hard: Bits of todays run
    Last rest; 10 days

    Lyrics: yes

    Have a good one

  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    Havn't been in here lately, been working away (took my trainers though).

    Just been out for a 2hr hilly pedal and 30 min run, it was cold too - numb toes by the end of the pedal.

    PF - did you really go for a run at 3:22 am ? BTW I saw your post about the Victory 5 - risky making that a Tergat race cos it often blows a gale round that shore. I live right near there, and run there often. I went from sub 6 min/miles to 7min+ miles in that race the other year cos of the wind on the way back to the stadium.
  • Morning - easy day ahead of NF tomorrow, 3 miles maybe with some strides thrown in to keep the legs moving. I'll be in a red top with orange shorts (colour co-ordination never my strong point), and will look out for TT and FIN. Think I'm #504.

    Lyric - easy!

  • Hiyah, back again !

    Brkmyre- congrats on the Uni assignment, always good to nail them

    AF ... what is this 13 slices of toast thingy ?

    Fingers & Hilly .... hope the colds are getting better - and super Chippenham result Hilly

    Scobos - what a fabbo mega hill run you did, awesome

    DD - 1 MV50 in a cracking time and good PB, 35 C is mighty hot for that

    Tipp Top - you must be v pleased with the improvement, impressive stats.

    Odd week for me - did shorter threshold session on Tue then big intervals in Thur (2 sets of 3 x 1 mile at 10k pace with 60 sec recoveries ... on tready at 1 deg incline at 10.5 mph) before more of a rest yesterday.

    This morning was 20 min warm up then 3 x 10 min Kenyan hills with 2 min recoveries and 10 min warm down.  It was meant to be 4 but my head and body were not in the game and I had to get back to home to catch my brother.

    All a bit of an upheaval personally at present - my father has shifted in short order from being mobile to being bed bound as this disease takes its course.  So am sorting things out at his house today.  Time will tell if it is a dip to a new lower plateau or part of a quicker slide. 

  • Morning all,

    DM: best wishes for your dad

    what:7m steady
    Why: schedule

    Train well all

  • Lyrics, only slightly given away. That makes 2 days consecutive for me, some kind of record.

    DM: Tough times, thoughts are with your Dad and his family (that includes you).

    Personally, my stomach is off form at present. It's ironic that this is supposed to be peak mileage week as well. Abingdon could be a question of making withdrawals from the bank beyond the overdraft limit unless I'm lucky. Pacing will be key.

    Have a good weekend.

  • Morning all.

    DM - sorry to hear about your Dad. Hope all works out fine. Re: stats, the only one that really counts is the time I cross the line in, so until that improves, the others are only good to give me an idea of what might be, though it is nice to know that I appear to be improving.

    Dustin - nice colour combo! Will keep an eye out for you. I'm #502 I believe.

    What: 20-30 minutes easy (may throw in a few strides, but probably not - I'm very lazy the day before a marathon).
    Why: NF tomorrow, plus need to make sure the glue on my trainers has done the job! image (Pair of Nike Streaks with less than 100m on the clock - part of the sole came off on the Sportstest on Thursday).
    Last hard: Yesterday morning's 3mins.
    Last rest: Wednesday.
    Lyrics: Yes.
  • Good morning

    DM - Not an easy time for you.

    What: Half marathon on a tough course as a training run in 1:36.xx Did the first 8km at an easy pace and picked it up from there.
    Why: Schedule and having fun
    Last hard: Last mile today up a very steep hill for the second time.

    Happy with this effort as I have a 22.5 mile run coming up tomorrow. Irma finished in 1:52 and should crack 1:50 on an easier course.

    Good luck to TT, Dustin and the other DTT's at NF marathon.

    Have a good one.
  • Tom.Tom. ✭✭✭
    Good Morning

    Lyrics - yes. The lead singer had a very distinctive way of pronouncing the word "vacant"

    DM - difficult times, family support is so important.

    TR - I've run a 10k on that course - two laps and it seemed that half the race was run on the track! The wind was so strong we ran crocodile fashion.

    This morning effort was 8.4m at 6:44 pace. Legs rather heavier than I expected - suggests not enough recovery paced running during the week.

    Have a good day all
  • Sporta - was that a pb?

    Dm- sorry to hear about your dad, thoughts with you.
  • Trini - PB is 1:34:56, I have a half marathon coming up on the 11th of October, the idea is run hard there.
  • Afternoon

    DM sorry to hear about your dad.

    Paul- 3 0clock in the morning is often cold, its glorious now tho.

    What 5m easy 40mins

    Why Race tomorrow

    Hard thurs

    Rest- mon 8th

    Lyrics - think so. Have a great day & enjoy the weather!

  • Afternoo all,

    TippTop.  Interesting - if you can find the tables or a link, let me know as I'm interested as I'm probably the world's most in-efficient  runner!  The best description of a VO2Max test I've come across is it's probably the best indicator of current ability and not the actual VO2Max.

    Trinni:  It must be a tough call for you giving up the delights of Branston, Frank Coopers, Imperial Leather, etc. for the hardships of tropical beaches, excellent climate, laid-back lifestyle etc.  Suprising, but excellent lyrics choice!  Takes me back to when I had my mohican. 

    DM:  The final day of my pre-mara carbo loading regime begins with 13 slices of toast.   Hope your dad's just a minor dip. 

    Best of luck to FIN, TT and Dustin at NF.  May the wind be behind you all the way. 

    • What:  14m.  Seem to have found a pace below sloth; corpse maybe?
    • Why:  Stubbonly sticking to the lydiardesq 0 to chronic condition in 9 weeks schedule
    • Last Hard:  N/A
    • Last Rest:  59 days

    Have a good one - enjoy the weather whilst it lasts.

  • Afternoon

    DM - Sorry to here about  your dad, Take care

    What: 90 minutes (9.47 miles) @ 9:32 pace
    Why: Medium long run @ 20 secs a mile quicker than a normal long run
    Last Hard: Today could count but not that bad

    Well the plan was to do it at 9:30 pace so i was close HR 148 avg nice day out lovely and warm

  • Morning all,

    (((DM))) hope you and your Dad are doing ok.

    Healing vibes to those with colds etc and a large 'bu99er off' to Eric the SF.

    What: short bike including 5 x half mile hill climbs (with b/f) + 60 steady run
    Why: it's Saturday
    Last hard: yesterday, 200m repeats in the pool
    Last rest: 19 August but I do believe I have one coming tomorrow!

    Good runnings all.

  • DM
    Sorry to hear about you Dad.

    What:  10+ miles with 4 big hills
    Why:  Saturday schedule
    Last hard:  1 day
    Last rest:  2 days
    Lyrics:  Yes!!!!!!!

    Other family news is that no.2 son has decided to give up gymnastics.  He's having a go at athletics - high jump last week, pole vault next - shame not to use all that core strength!  I'm going to watch his attempt at learning pole vault, sounds like a good spectator moment...

  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    DM - chin up

    Tom - that would bb the D Day 10k, first 1k is on the track, as well as a bit in the middle and at the end.
    I live just North of there a the bottom of the hill (which I pedal and run up lots). Most of my FLM miles were on the coast road on the other side of the city, and on the seafront. It certainly makes for tough training miles. Running round London was (a) relative breeze (less) after that.
  • hello all..cheeky 15miler knocked off today..45miles for weeks so far..the kinda mileage that is seeing me get the 10k down to new ob of 38:24 last sunday.

    those 3am posts...are people saying that they have actually done their runs by that time....or intending to do them later

    cos if it's the forme...that is utterly mentalist...
  • Afternoon all,

    DM - My thoughts are with you and your family at this tough time. 

    It's all about food and water for me today! I was going to run this morning, just something light before tomorrow but woke late and still have remenants (sp?) of this cold hanging around so figured rest was better than anything else. Travelled south today looking forward to the race tomorrow. Will keep an eye out for TT and Dustin. What time are you guys getting down there? I don't want to get stuck behind a pony trek and miss the start so was thinking about earlier rather than later.

    Stevie G - Trini lives over the pond so is always "Up" early, not so sure about PF - if that was a d&d then you are right, we're approaching Gobi standards for early running...

    What: Not a lot
    Why: New Forest Mara tomorrow
    Last Hard: This whole week hasn't been easy with this cold
    Last Rest: today

    Lyrics: Nevermind...

    Happy days y'all!

  • AF - lol, yes it's a tough job, buy I'll get by somehow! You with a mohican! The band was on HBO last night, 2007 reunion, the audience was a sight!
  • Hey Trini

    Its Parsnips I miss! Branston etc all available ... sometimes. Clotted cream never which for a dairy farmers son is hard to take. Still no tax!

  • Tom.Tom. ✭✭✭
    AF - when you had your mohican, I had frizzy hair, zapata moustache and sideboards down to my knees - a real Dave Bedford lookalike.

    Stevie - congrats on the pb, more to come

    TR - I also suffer with the wind (yeah, yeah anything else I say is obviously superfluous!) as I run on the flatlands of the Fens and the wind whistles in from the Wash. Mike S has similar problems as he runs on the Wirral peninsular.
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