Urgent Help: Garmin 305

Hi, just tried charging my Garmin and it started as normal, downloading recent tracks and had the relevant charging notice.  When I went back to check on it's progress it was completely dead, can't turn it on at all and no charging message when plugged into computer or wall.  I desperately need it for a run tomorrow.  Any ideas???



  • There was a reasonable amount of charge left in it so dirty connections or not it shouldn't stop me being able to turn it on???  I'm useless at pacing myself so I will psychologically crash and burn without itimage.  My only other watch was a £3 piece which doesn't even have lap times on it and from previous experience after 18 miles I'm unable to calculate what my last mile was as my brain ceases to function!

  • I know it's anal and I've only had the Garmin since Christmas - this is the only time I've ever let on to friends/colleagues what time I'm hoping for (I'm normally more conservative in my broadcasts!) and it's just another of the odds stacked against me!  If I'd had a week to resign myself to the fact I had no watch I'm sure it wouldn't be an issue - it's just adding to my pre race nerves and I'd rather it wasn't something I had to deal with right now!image

  • I too prefer a regular watch. It is the way to go. I have a garmin though which I use to measure the odd route, or I do it with mapmyrun.

    If you phone up garmin you can get them fixed (nee replaced) for £55 with a years fresh warranty.
  • Thanks WA.  I've hit it a couple of times and all seems to be well with the world - let's hope it starts in the morning! 

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