• Dont tempt them Bunes!

    One of the guys who organised this years Double IM has done this and I do believe I have heard mutterings from one of the laydees of this fourm ...
  • only 6 people have completed it so far oh Meldy one ...surely its on Barstools to-do list as the uber beginner event ?imageimage
  • and it a wetsuit only...and where does he put his passport ..and where is T2 ...on the beach or passport control?
  • It certainly is a very elite funrun .. I am sure Barlos has it on his list of things to do but he is still trying to get over the duty free hurdle
  • Can you just IMAGINE how much food you could get away with after this? I reckon the eighteen quid bargain bucket, an Eire of chips, the Bonneville salt flats, a whole elephants leg kebab, 3 swordfish, a China of Rice, the Jolly Green Giants entire corn stock, Farrows peas and every Knickerbocker Glory in Wimpy.(though my mate Big Kev would probably see that all as starters).  
  • wouldnt it have been easier just to take the Eurostar? image

  • Currently Bunes .. probably not!
  • ah ..unlucky timing then ....image
  • One of my buddies is up for this if you want his details?image

  • Candy was supposed to be doing it next year.

    I was thinking about it for 2010, but then I got better. image

  • it seems like a bit of a weird challenge to me, the bike ride is, well,  a bit girly, compared to the rest of it, innit?
  • maybe a run back overimage the Channel would cap it off nicely ?
  • agreed oxy.

    fortunately there is no amount of money or acclaim in the universe that would get  me swimming the channel.

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