Royal Manchester Children's Hospital Half-Marathon

Anyone doing this little fellow? Accoriding to a few reviews, alot of people reckon it's pretty much flat... hope so as I'm doing this next Sunday... anyone care to join me?

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  • Did this one many years ago. If it's the same course it definitely undulates but there are no major hills. Looks like you've recovered form Wolvo (photos at the finish really show have tired you were) as you nearly broke 38 mins at Guilden Sutton. Won't be joining you as Swinton as I'm running Macclesfield where there are some real hills(you're clearly not man enough - remember Nick Beer a few years ago)! Great North the weekend after Macclesfield (10th one on the trot).
  • Alright fella, how's it going? Yeah I died at Guilden Sutton big time, on one of my world famous diets and running myself into the ground, all good fun and for the greater cause lol... anyway, hope you do well, and be sure to post to me how you do matey or send me a mail on be interested to see hwo you're going mate!

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  • Looks like it's just you and me Pug.
  • Yep and it was just us there hahaha... so I assume no one off here ran it.

    Ran the Swinton Half Marathon with Marshallini (well done matey, and a massive PB) this morning... very undulating course, and certainly a challenge... wanted to go out at 6:15 m/m pace and do around 1:22 if I was lucky... woke up after 4 hours sleep, at 4am, feeling rough, sneezing and running head cold image So, wasn't looking forward to this at all... however, it's an 8:30am start, so temps were perfect for me, cold... and there was zero wind... fantastic... this might not rivel you guys, but I'm over the moon as this has come out of no where as you all know... best race I've probably ever ran... workedhard right to the line and for the first time in a half, which isn't my best distance, I reckon that's a negative split...

    1 Mile = 6.04 155bpm
    2 Mile = 12:06 (6:02) @157bpm
    3 Mile = 18:10 (6:03) @159bpm
    4 Mile = 24:34 (6:23) @162bpm ( really tough hill )
    5 Mile = 30:43 (6:09) @162bpm
    6 Mile = 36:52 (6:08) @163bpm
    7 Mile = 43:00 (6:08) @166bpm
    8 Mile = 49:18 (6:17) @166bpm ( had to do 6x180 degree turns down/up a subway, lost 20 seconds )
    9 Mile = 55:27 (6:09) @166bpm
    10 Mile = 01:01:21 (5:54) @166bpm
    11 Mile = 01:07:14 (5:53) @169bpm
    12 Mile = 01:13:16 (6:01) @170bpm
    13 Mile = 01:19:15 (5:59) @173bpm
    13.1 Mile = 01:19:50 (0:34) @178bpm

    6:05 m/m Overall 17th Place (Official results have me 1:19:56 (6:05 m/m) which is annoying, 6 seconds image ? )

    Once we went through 3 mile too quick I'd resigned myself to another terrible blow up at 7 mile... so thought I'll just do a good fast 10 miler... then got on the back at 4 mile of two decent lads and kept with them all the way... they pulled me through, usually I'm on my own in halfs... but this one, raced all the way... so chuffed.I would say that on the Pugometer I reckont hat course is around a minute slow due to the hills and undulations, but you run what you run, and I'll take a 79 minuter.

    It's the way I've finished there, strong... usually as you all know I go off like lightening then die like thunder... this time, I didn't really really on top of the world today... feeling ill now though, stomachs all over the shop... and my heads full of cold now image

    To do this time though on this comeback has really surprised me I'll be honest... and it's a great feeling thinking I'm now getting back to good form.

    Thanks to all the marshalls who were very good... all I needed WASN'T that Subway section which was horrible... but apart from that, great bag and certainly value for money etc... lovely glass momento for finishing, thanks image Certainly do this race again me thinks, even if it is a toughy!

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  • I enjoyed this race this year as I did last year.  Some good effort by the marshalls added atmosphere when the general public were getting the morning paper in their slippers image
  • We at Swinton are glad that you guys enjoyed our event. The truth is the bigger this event gets, the safer its long term future is. We want to build it to the extent that it is harder for statutory bodies (council etc) to 'not be involved'!!!! Pass the word around!

    Don't forget City of salford womens 5.25 mile run coming up soon and photos available free from todays event at: 

     I shall pass on your positive comments to the marshals.



    Chair, Swinton RC.

  • APC - A quality race, well organised, well marshalled, well supported, can't really fault it. I even like the early start. Plus I PB'd.image

    Keep up the good work, I will recommend it to anyone who wants a good half marathon. image

  • Many thanks. Will expect to see you gaining another PB next Year!!!

  • Great Startline Picture Here

    Me and Marshallini next to eachother ready for action image

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  • I think the man on my right is cheating, he's obviously using an invisible micro scooter.image
  • First picture I have ever taken where anybody is actually listening to Ian giving his speech!

    Is the bloke in the middle getting ready for some sort of sprint start?? Perhaps he heard (correctly) that yesterday was the day for the course record to be broken!!


  • Thoroughly enjoyed race yesterday won first in my category which is F55 name wrong it is Hanley not Haslam but small detail.  Thanks to all the marshalls and organisers will definitely be doing again next year if it is on. No complaints at all but nice that the organisers wanted to know if there was any. 
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