Bike Ponces...

Lands End John O Groats - with a difference.


  • Its the fact that he's doing it with no support crew too - mind you, with solid tyres he'll not need to worry about punctures i s'pose!
  • where is he carrying his clean underwear?????

    amazing to average that speed....I 'm not that much faster on my road bike

  • Wonder if this is the fella that we used to see commuting to and from Worcester each morning on a Penny Farthing.  Amazing to see on the hills, but pretty dangerous with all the cars slowing to watch on the main road.

    There's just nothing about that that looks appealing.

  • Oh i dunno wickett. The outfit is rather daper!

    I hear M1 is up in your (and formerly my) neck of the woods....he mentioned something about popping round for afternoon tea?!

  • I think i'd rather stick pins in my eyes.....

  • stick some areo bars on it and wtch it go..
  • You'd certainly never struggle to find it in transition
  • Indeed he is, Nick.  Whinging about how far it is to ride whilst dressed like a gimp and riding on a fixed wheel, single-speed............... hang on a second!

    I may need to get an outfit like that though.  I am something of a dandy.

  • Some guy posted recently on TT about doing LEJOG on a fixie, but he's deffo been trumped by this fella.

  • Well you're something Wickett - thats for sure......
  • That looks blummin awful. Hope he does get down those hills OK with no brakes. I'm glad of my brakes when I ride through Wales on my fixy !
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