Ricky Road 9

My hubbie and I ran this last year and found it to be a good, well organised and friendly event. The last 1.5km are downhill and the run ended under a bridge with a rock band singing away to make you smile!! The goody bag seemed overflowing and made the event excellent value. My only issue would be with directions to the event and car parking was very limited so it is key to arrive early or get parked a distance away. We did 2 laps of Chorleywood and found the club was not really in Chorleywood after all........still that did not deter me from running again this year.


  • technically it is in Chorleywood but the Ricky part of Chorleywoodimage

    In fact the Ricky road run is at no stage in Ricky image

  • Is the course a mixture of hills and flat? image
  • As ever enjoyed the event, the wind and rain seemed to clear just about in time.  Couldn't stay for the prizes and Bar-b-q but good of them to lay it on.

     Black T-shirt and Mug this year - Plus Ca Change!  Or however you say it.  Was not sure at first but it's growign on me.

     I've always wondered if there is an 'official' measurement for this course, is it slightly shy of 9 miles? 

    The last mile is always at world record pace which is one way of goign down a hill.  the quads are a touch sore this mornign but have that warm glow of a post-race tiredeness.

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