Shin pain

I started runnning late (I'm 38 now), but I've been runnning for a couple of years. In the last 12 months I've started to get pain on the inside of my shin just above the ankle. Sometimes it goes once I get warmed up and others I end the run barely able to walk. I stretch, wear the correct footwear, rest when it gets too bad, but am still suffering. Has anyone any experience of this or even better a magic cure as its stopping me from progressing


  • Hi Peter - take a look at the threads - "stress fracture?" and "is this shin splints?" in the health & Injury Section - there's been a lot of shin splint threads over the past couple of days - must be the season for them! image
  •  Peter , I have the exact same pain, inside shin at front halfway up between the ankle and knee.  This is my second bout of it.  Had six weeks of physio earlier this year.  Had to give up running for about 4 weeks then slow back into it, about 1 mile at a time, slow progress.  Gutted to get this pain again.   Discussing it in other forums (RW has section on shin splints, of which, this injury is related to) and with pros at my gym.  Conclusion - shoes - I know we go to these specialist running shops, get analysed and we think we are getting shoes best for us, to correct our running style.  But what we actually need to do, is work with our running style, not correct it.  Before my first shin injury, I had invested in new saucony Triumph 5 running shoes as advised by specialist running shop, and have had nothing but injury and blisters since.  I am now going to bin them for new nikes (which I had before with no probs).
  • Thanks. I've started getting physio and am going to take things easy for a while. Cross training and swimming onlyimage

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