Help the Aged Leeds Abbey Dash 10K 2008

It's fast flat and very very fast, although it's a whopping field. I'm up for the ruck, anyone else?

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  • WardiWardi ✭✭✭
    I've entered Pug. Done it about 4 times. Ever so slightly 'up' to the Abbey then back gently down Kirkstall Road to finish outside the Town Hall steps. As you say a genuine PB course, the top ten or so lads are usually home in sub 30 mins.

    One of my clubmates has access to his Leeds office space (400m from the start!) pre-race so coffee and posh loos are to hand.
  • Great stuff, I'll be travelling through from Ellesmere Port, hoping to twin up with someone I know who'll be coming... I'll actually get ready for this one, every other 10k I've done on tired legs this will be a balls out the barrecks race me thinks... lets hope I'm in decent shape, although those Sub 30 lads might have a few minutes on me image

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  • Hiya Wardi.

    Hope marriage is treating you well.Did37:32 at Tees Pride 10k 2 weeks ago (best for 2 years).So hoping to go sub 37 at Abbey.

    I actually don't like the race (too big and crowded), but it is a pb course and I've missed it the last 2 years due to injury & illness , so I'll be giving it a go.

  • I'm down for it., my pack arrived last week. My second 10k and aiming to beat my 71 mins i managed in June, so won't be troubling many of you! Partly why i go for big races, i can hide in the crowd!

    i know the course will be pretty boring though, i usually avoid out and back routes when training. don't want to run with ipod though, i like to enjoy the crowds.

  • Dr.DanDr.Dan ✭✭✭
    Looking forward to it ... image
  • It is fast so I will be there again. No I don't really mind that its £15 for the privilege

  • On to important matters as a Leeds Dash are the pre-race toilet facilities anyone??!!! Also, travelling up from Macclesfield the day before to do the race...does anyone know a good and reasonably priced hotel nearby? Thanks.

  • Jim,

    There are the usual facilities near the start, but if you remember to take a 20p with you, you can use the much nicer and warmer facilities in top floor of 'The Light' which is a covered shopping area further up the Headrow (the main street) from the start (just past the Art/Sculpture Gallery). I find this a good place to hang around anyway as it's usually warmer than outside. 

    There are loads of the usual cheap city hotels like Travelodge/Ibis etc within walking distance of the start . As I live in Leeds I've only been to one (the Travelodge in Vicar Lane) and it was after a Christams Do, so I'd have slept anywhere. It seemed Ok though.

    I come to this race every year hoping to go sub 40 minutes, and yet again I'm setting myself up for disappointment...

  • Jim - there is a cafe (Starbucks or Costa cant remember) just up form start - I made use of their facilities several times pre-race!
  • Thank you both very much, much appreciated. Looking forward to the race and am now in training week 2 of 8 long weeks!
  • Hey people...has everyone recieved their packs already? I know a couple of people who have...but im still waiting.
  • I have my pack again for this year..hoping to do sub 60 mins!!
  • Tom Foulstone wrote (see)
    Hey people...has everyone recieved their packs already? I know a couple of people who have...but im still waiting.
    I entered about 4 weeks ago, might just depend on when you entered and/or the time you put down.
  • i entered ages ago and have got my pack.
  • Found this on the official site Tom..

    Race packs

    Your race packs will be sent out up to a week before race day. In your pack you'll find:

    • your running number;
    • timing device;
    • race Information booklet; and
    • other Help the Aged information.

    No need to worry!!

  • Dr.DanDr.Dan ✭✭✭
    Got my pack a couple of weeks ago...
  • I entered last week despite the fact that I swore I would never do it again (too crowded/too expensive). The fact is it is so fast and flat that you are practically guaranteed a PB if you are on form. Not expecting my race pack any time soon. It is 6 weeks away so there isn't a hurry and only more opportunities to lose it.
  • I was suprised I got mine so early and this year they included the t-shirt in the race pack...
  • Aha...thanks people...i can relax now! I have roped a few guys from uni into doin it so i didnt wanna not recieve my pack and then seem like id conned them!!!

     Hopefully it will be slightly warmer than last year but similar conditions!!! Hoping for a 33mins so fingers crossed.

  • Ive just entered and really looking forward to it as Leeds is a great city.Just wondering is the start graded on your time?If not is the start area crowded?I only ask as i hoping to run 33-34 minutes.Any appreciate any feedback Thanks.
  • Hey Gary...

    The start isnt in zoned, or it wasnt last year...u just have to get a decent spot. The trick is to warm up and do strides at the front of the pack and then nip back accross. I just been looking at your times and i reckon your goal is easy doable... If you wanna meet up just before the start it might be an idea to pace each other. Just an idea tho.

  • Cheers Tom thanks for the advice.Looking at your previous post where you said sub 33 youll probably be too quick for me but well see nearer the time as it would be good to meet.Im doing the Amsterdam Marthon next sunday 19th then full on winter speedwork so hopefully be in good speed shape by Leeds.Thanks Again.
  • I thought they had signs up telling you where to be for predicted times though..? Nothing was checked etc but if people abided by them then it would work a lot better. For some reason there were 3 people walking after 800m, kinda annoying when they should have started at the back and everyone has to get round them!!
  • After completing the Jane Tomlinson Run for All in 63 minutes, I'm really hoping to get sub 1 hour time for the first time ever on this course. In typical fashion I've not kept up with my training and because of an impending holiday I'll have about 3 weeks to get my act together. Why do I always leave these things to last minute.

    On a more serious note - can I ask those who have run it before - what was the temperature like?

  • This is a big one for me as well, it's a sub 34 minute attempt for me as well so might see you there as well Gary!

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  • WardiWardi ✭✭✭
    Luca.. this is the English winter. I've run it in vest conditions, pouring rain, cold, and unseasonal mildness.

    Fast lads.. don't be backward about getting near the front. Runners around 39-40 mins like me are usually in the 1st 300 for chrissakes.
  • Last year I'm sure they gave out different coloured numbers for those who'd predicted sub 40 mins. But as always there'll be those whose start position is just a little optimistic. However, the start is much faster now there isn't that 90 degree turn just after the off, and it's also downhill.
  • Looking back at the photos, I think 'faster' male runners were given a pale blue background to thier numbers and 'slower' ones an orange back ground. A steward came and asked me to move closer to the front when I was standing talking to my 'orange' friend at the start.

    Not sure if this will be the case this year.

  • Actually closer to orangy-yellow.

    And I think the women had the same colour coding 

  • just checked, my label is white, is that for a slower than slow person? also on my package against my name it has an M in brackets-hope thats not code for male?!
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