FLM 2009 are you in?

General consesus seems to be that everyone who has bequeathed there money and not got in has got there magazines today.

 Has anyone bucked this trend?



  • Not me! Didn't bequeath and got nothing in the post today.

  • That seems to be the trend.

    Wonder if it will be the non bequeathers getting there reject magazine tommorow?

  • Well i m in ,hopefully but this is only because i have defered from 2008 due to injury.I have nt received the mag yet to confirm yet and wil not be at ease till it does.Theres always the charities if your desperate to get in,this is what i did in 2007,see you there.

  • Did you not get a letter from FLM soon after 2008 confirming your deferment Geezer.  They sent me mine pretty soon after the marathon on 2007 when I deferred
  • I havnt got anything, and I havnt bequeathed my money.

    I also havnt had any money gone out of my accoun as I did my entry on line.

    So dont think I am in image

    But then cant expect miracles, as this is the first time I have tried image


  • If you get a fleece, does it mean you probably got in or definately not???

    To be more clear, I bequeathed. got a sorry, we've missed you card today left by postman and its a package too big for the post box. 

    Since this is the first time i applied, dont know if it probably means i got in or not?

    did'nt get the magazine yet.....hmmmm

  • You get the mag with the fleece, which is a 'sorry you're not running, but have something to wear when you're running for fun this winter'

     Hope it's not a rejection, but I wouldn't hold your breath. This is my third time unlucky...

  • My friends wife got her sorry letter today who lives up the road from me and didn't bequeth, me & sarah got nothing 5 doors away so still hopeful!!
  • Not one person reported a yes magazine yesterday, I think a lot of them will be winging their way into letterboxes today.
  • Waiting for mine to drop. This will be my fifth rejection, if that is what it is. At least I'll be guaranteed for 2010.
  • On the other thread soneone who hasnt bequeathed got their no in the post today image

    Lea image

  • Maybe it's two days of No's and then a few days of Yes next week? They do like to keep us guessing.

  • RFJRFJ ✭✭✭
    Thats early post will have to wait till at least 1230 for our postie
  • Despite being out in the sticks I got my NO mag this morningimage. I didn't bequeath. My 3rd ballot.

    Ah well, at least I know I'm in for the 2012image

  • I read somewhere that rejections are in the first batch of mailings, and acceptances in the second, so I'll be fairly happy if the postie doesn't come again today.
  • I got my rejected fleece yesterday. I dont think i will bequeath again! Becomes expensive when you dont actually get to run
  • Well is anyone in yet? Has anyone had a yes magazine!!!
  • Welshlass, see the "Im in London" thread
  • This is mental torture image
  • i just got my yes today 12846

    woo hoo

     rejected 2 years on the bounce, charity place last year and did online ballot this time.

     did 4 hrs 2 mins last year so hoping to bring that down a bit,

     good luck to those who havent heard yet

  • i bequethed as well by the way

  • I was rejected also!! It was my first time of applying, so i shouldn't be too disheartened. I also applied for a charity place at the same time as doing the ballot. So i will find out on the 14th, if i have got in through a charity place or not.

     Jen-jen x

  • The postie dropped a card yesterday and will fetch the parcel tomorrow!

     I'm hoping it's an accepted mag, this is my 3rd year of applying so I am crossing fingers and toes..

  • Has money gone from people's accounts yet?? (those that didn't bequeath that is!)

    Am away till tues so desperate to find a way of finding out my fate sooner!


  • Didn't bequeath.

    Rejected today.image

    100 page mag had 4 pages of interesting info.

    Plenty more marathons in the year.

  • Rejected image image image

    But will go for a club place if we get any. If not I WILL do another marathon next year LOL

    Lea image

  • swittleswittle ✭✭✭
    I'll be lining up and asking myself the question, 'Why?'
  • I got my YES mag today. Number 8209.

    That's two years in a row that I've got in via the ballot. Oh yeah baby! 

  • Did you bequeath Kryten?
  • CindersCinders ✭✭✭
    I haven't got either mag?  Anyone else got nothing today?
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