FLM 2009 are you in?



  • Yes I did this year (not last year).
  • I've also got nothing. But a friend who lives only a few streets away got his magazine and is accepted which strikes me as odd. oh well - maybe tomorrow for us who didnt get anything today? Not sure I can wait until next week.
  • Got my acceptance letter today Number in the 8000's odds were better this year because they didn't fill the full number of ballot places

  • SO it seems rejected bequeathers and accepted bequeathers have heard. Have rejected non-bequeathers heard anything? That would leave a lot of accepted non-bequeathers still to hear (maybe tomorrow???)

    Hope I'm among them!

  • i did not bequeath and i have my 4th no

    roll on 2011 

    not doing charity again it is too stressful to raise money

  • Stu92Stu92 ✭✭✭

    Here i come FLM 2009, got the accepted mag today in the post. I didn't bequeath, and no money has been taken out of the back, yet.

     so thats:

    2001: Rejected,

    2002: Accepted,

    2003/04: Rejected,

    2005: Accepted,

    2006/07/08: Rejected,

    2009: Accepted - sub 4hr image

  • Does anyone know if there's a way of finding out how many times you've been rejected?  I've moved house several times and have lost some of the rejection letters. I'm pretty sure I'm guaranteed entry next year but have no proof.  Do they keep a note of rejections on computer?


  • 2002 Rejected

    2003 In

    2004 Rejected

    2005 Rejected

    2006 In

    2007 In

    2008 Rejected

    2009 In

    Will try and get under 4hrs getting quicker but also getting older image

  • wooo hooo after 4 years I finally get a place ...............now were did I stash those trainers
  • 2006 Nope 

    2007 In, First Time Ever  !!!!!

    2008 Nope -  

    2009 In !!!!!

     Wasn't actually expecting a place, was just going to keep applying each year until I either got one or got my 5 in a row.......

  • 2007 In (but deferred due to injury)
    2008 In
    2009 In!!!
  • Did you bequeath?

    Anyone in that DIDN'T bequeath?

    Anyone rejected that DIDN'T bequeath?

  • 2005 No

    2006 No

    2007 No

    2008 All in all in a bottle of GIN!!

    Really Shocked.  I have never ticked the Fleece box either!!!

  • Wow -shocked.  In on a golden bond place last year, 2nd time in ballot this year and IN!  

     Oh god, all that pain again....

  • Lennon - I didn't bequeath
  • Hey I got in!

    Mind you..

    2004   No

    2005   No

    2006   No

    2007   No

    2008   No

    So I was guaranteed me place after 5 rejections!

  • Lennon - I didn't bequeath and I found out this morning I am in.

  • Woof! I'm in! Double woof!

    That's two on the spin for me in the ballot after 4 previous rejections.

    Marathon number 10 here i come, and this time i'm gonna bust your balls!

    El C
  • third time  lucky. got my yes today.image
  • Still havent got a yes or no!?  My Dad got his rejection mag this monring, but was no show friend hasnt got hers either.  Those that are has you money come out yet?  Well done on those who did getimage

    2007 - no

    2008 - yes

    2009 - dont know yet

  • i'm in woo hoo

    4th time lucky image 

  • I'm in 5th time well shocked thought mag was going to be the usual sorry not this timeimage
  • Can't believe it - got in tonight from work and IN!!!

    Got in last year for first time at my fifth attempt in ballot and now in again for 2009 (and didn't bequeath)!

  • 2002-in



    2009-in.......easy as pie

  • Did someone mention pie, 

    Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Pie image

    2001 - Reject

    2002 - in

    2003 - reject, ran for charity

    2004 - in

    2005 - reject, ran for charity

    2006 - reject, ran for charity

    2007 - reject but won a place in a competition

    2008 - in

    2009 - in - just need to knock 12 sec off and I am GFA image

  • Hi folks

    Was lucky enough over the past five years to have been accepted 4 times

    Didnae bequethe

    Or in the long run I've been lucky 6 times in 14 years

    but turned down this year Bah

    but fairly confident I've gained my Clubs entry


  • 4th time lucky.....1st time I've not bequeathed!!

    That was a nice surprise.

  • Friends had got the reject mag on Thursday. Then I came on RW and noticed that acceptance mags were arriving on the Friday. Logic - I hadn't got my mag yet because I was in!

    Got home yesterday - no mag.

    Went for a run this morning to loosen up for Run To The Beat tomorrow - I'm still a bit stiff after the very challenging Dunstable 20 Mile Challenge on Sunday. Then I've hung on for the postman before niping down to Wetherspoons for breakfast.

    Rustle, thud. The mag has arrived.

    It's thoughful of the organisers to put the news on the outside so you can see straightaway the result. No having to fumble with nervous fingers trying to tear open the plastic bag.

    Is it worth reading it? Or shall I shove it straight in the bin?



    And damn.

  • And damn again.
  • And one more damn for luck.
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