FLM 2009 are you in?



  • Just had my congratulations mag, it says I was rejected in the Ballot, but am one of the lucky 1,000 winners of the Bequest Draw.

    That will do me,better start planning my long runs.

  • Rejection came this morning - not sure how many consecutive I've got now - 3-4 I think - complicated a bit as I did get a club place one year so I'm not sure if that cancels out a ballot rejection from the same year.   Oh well.
  • Anyone else still waiting? Gnawing my knuckles off at the minute! image  

    Good luck to all that got in, add it to the reject bedpost for the others. Sounds like there are several people quite relieved as they are nursing injuries or have had other problems since applying.

    How does the system work with those places that are deffered? Presumably you're either in the ballot or not so you can't have the 'closest losers' situation? Is there another ballot?  

  • Not in. 4th rejection but not consecutive. Checked out the charity route. They can whistle. £2k to run in London or £2k to run in NY. Hardly a tricky choice.
  • My postie has been early this morning and still no news either way. And I was a bequeather, so thought I would of heard by now. Even phoned up the Flora team on Friday and they confirmed they had my correct address. Anyone else in the same boat? I'm assuming it's a no and there's a fleece waiting for me at my post office somewhere.
  • Still no news!!! image

    My brother got in but i'm still waiting - no money gone and no magazine. What do you guys reckon? Is no news good news?

    Didn't beqeath this year

  • Not in. Oh well, I have run the last two. May do Paris now instead.
  • Im still waiting too..... the online thing says money will be taken by 7th Oct so waiting till then I guess.... can you find out any other way if successful (incase royal mail lose magazine etc?)
  • Paul Dallison wrote (see)
    Im still waiting too..... the online thing says money will be taken by 7th Oct so waiting till then I guess.... can you find out any other way if successful (incase royal mail lose magazine etc?)
     Don't think so. Mine shows as active, end date 7th and shows the next possible payment as being today. Still not in.
  • unfortunately I made a boo boo! The card I used actually expired 08/08........ so surely they'd try and contact me for the money or just reject me?
  • StylishStylish ✭✭✭
    I'm not in either. Thats five consecutive rejecyions. So I'm guaranteed an entry in 2010. A bit disappointed but when the winter arrives and the weather is shit maybe i wont be!
  • just found out i'm not in image  I got a fleece and a mag
  • I'm a reject again..paris her e i come


  • Lucky to get on of the 1000 places in the Bequeathed Draw having been unsuccessful in the main ballot. Bequeathed last year and was unsuccessful. After looking through magazine now thinking about running for a charity without the pressure of having to raise a mininum amount. Congrats to all who have got places and commiserations to those that haven't.

  • YES!
  • I'm in - wasn't expecting that got used to getting jackets and fleeces

    Damn this means i'm going to have to put down the pie and put on the trainers

  • Reject magazine just popped through the letter box for me and hubby too. image

    Oh well.... Stockholm looks interesting perhaps? image

    Congratulations and good luck to everyone with a place. 

  • I'm confused..........just received my rejection for the 6th time?

    I am supposed to have automatic entry next year???

     Anyone else got this problem?

    I applied in 2003 in maiden name same address

    then 2004,5,6,7,8 in married name same address

    I will have to ring them on monday I suppose.

  • StylishStylish ✭✭✭
    Talos, on the application it asks you how many times you've been unsuccesful in the ballot. Maybe you didn't answer correctly? Yes 5 unsuccesful attempts and you're in the next year so you should have ran this year  ie 2008. Hope they can do something for you now.
  • Pammie*Pammie* ✭✭✭


    Did you inform them of your change of name when you got married

    Hope you can get i sorted out

    *waves to stylish*

  • Anyone know what happens to the deferred places?
  • Hi all, I got in yesterday with my acceptance mag arriving which was a bit of a shock!

    I spoke with someone I know at Marathon HQ, yes's and no's are going out in random batches with the last lot being sent on Wednesday so fingers crossed for everyone who not yet heard.

  • I'm in!! Got magazine yesterday (Friday)
  • I'm in. I got the good news yesterday. It was a bit of a shock though to be honest as i had forgotten that i had entered.

    I will have to get back out there running again, as i have only been running with my dog for the last few months.

    I am sure i will be ok though, as i did the FLM last year, the really hot one.

    Its a pity i cannot take my dog along for the run around london he would love it.

    Good luck to all those who were successful  

  • Oh my god, I am in.  After 4 failed attempts, I really thought 2010 would be my year.  Guess the training must start in earnest now.  Good luck to everyone and sorry to those who didn't make it.  If it helps I know how disappointed you will be feeling right now, but keep at it and you will eventually secure that place.  Still can't believe it.  Keep pinching myself to make sure its true.
  • A big fat no for me also - didn't beq so at least I don'y have to suffer a fecking huge fleece!

    2005 - No

    2006 - no

    2007 - yes

    2008 - nope

    2009 - nope

     Oh well, back to planning ironman NZ instead image

  • Oh, and good luck to all the great north runners tomorrow.

  • Just got my 5th rejection image Oh well, will be in in 2010 and will get a Virgin medal to go with my FLM one image
  • got my acceptance today...

    2nd attempt....woohoo

  • Sorry to say this but I am so happy some people still haven't had a mag one way or the other.  Its so annoying, all this hanging on and I may not even get in. I have decided if by lunch time Monday I have nothing still I'll ring up Monday and ask whats happened.

    Good luck to those who are in GNR tomorrow, I'm doing my first ever Liverpool 10K quite looking forward to it even with out my usual level of training behind me (illness, slight injury and little bit to do with rotten weather!)

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