hi all,

am just curios does anyone think its realistic to run a marathon at 18 and if so what sort of time could be acheived.



  • Well I'm doing one 3 days after my 18th (FLM)

    So yer I think its pretty plausable! Aiming for a time of around 4hours aswell?

  • It's not UNrealistic - it depends on the person and the training.

    If you do the training (without injuring yourself) then you can do the marathon.

    As to what pace - no way of guessing unless you are running already. 

    If you've already done some races (or once you have) then use a calculator to get an idea of what you might do over other distances.

  • ye in training i did a half marathon in 1.34.50
  • I take it your 18 and wanting to do a marathon then?
  • yep i think i just need to commit
  • My clubmate did Lonson to Brighton aged 19, 10 years later he's run Lonson in 2'34.  Right now if you train right you should be able to run a marathon in less than 3 1/2 hours based on teh time for your half. 
  • Which marathon are you wanting to do?

    Any ideas or just any that come along?

    And I will be doing FLM if the stupid online registration form recognises that I WILL actually be 18 on the day. image

  • am 17 but i`ll be 18 on april 17th next year but i`d of liked to of done the FLM but i`d be about 6 days to young.
  • I can't see why it wouldn't be possible to run a marathon at 18 - I run marathons and I'm 22 - that's not far off and I've been running since i was 18! Good luck image
  • i`ll be there at flm when i`m 19
  • im 18 on the 23rd of april! and im doing FLM.

    The race is on the 26th so you should be fine if you can get a charity place...

  • oh i thought that it was on the 12th for some reason.
  • There are still plenty of golden bond places available!

    So try and get one of them?

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