Why do we do it to ourselves?

I nearly thumped the postman yesterday. He brought two losers fleeces - one for me and one for Mr LB. Every year it's the same.

"We're sorry you're a pathetic reject. Maybe next time?" image

Then we do it all over again a year later....

My question is, I know many runners on here who say that FLM is NOT a good marathon. It's busy, crowded and the PB potential is poor. So why should I keep filling in the form and sending it off? Why do I really really want to do this bloody marathon?image

Somebody on here must think it's worthwhile - surely?image



  • Because its the only marathon that 99% of people have heard of?

    If I ever tell people i've run a marathon the first thing they will say is "ooh, the London one" and I say "no, the Robin Hood" and then have to say "you know its the same distance!"

    It's also on television and is something of an event. It is a huge event and more of an occasion than a PB potential. I ran the Robin Hood last year and the smatterings of applause from the few spectators spurned me on. I guess it would be an experience

  • I'm amazed that virtually all non runners seem to think that you can roll up the door of FLM ask for a place and they say "sure - here you go"!!!!

    As if....image

  • One of my sponsors from this year's FLM said on the phone last week "I'm thinking of doing next year's".....

    in your dreams matey-pie

  • It should be limitless for numbers and held over two days.  So it would bring London to a grinding halt but most of us don't live there, so hey, why not! image
  • Liverbird

    Its a great marathon and a super weekend in the big smoke!

    The sights, atmoshere and the support is second to none.

    I've been successful in four of the last five ballots so a refusal this year was not unexpected.

    If I dont get my club's entry then it will be Paris for me next year.

    Hold on, lets dream

    If I can knock off 4 mins from my marathon PB in three weeks time I might be able to qualify 'As Good for Age' for the Boston Marthon next April 

  • I thought you got it automatically if you were rejected 3 times previously? oh dear - big show of ignorance there..
  • What's your secret Begsie?  I've been unsuccesful in 7 out of 7 ballots, so how'd you manage sucess in 4 out of five?
  • Chi - it's 5 rejections (in a row) I'm afraid, which means I'm guarateed a place in 2014, at the age of 41 - yikes!

    I've always aspired to do London, but this was the first time I could realistically do it, seeing as I actually run now!  I shouldn't be too disappointed to be rejected first time.  Plus I've entered for a couple of golden bond places, so all is not lost...

  • ah sure 41's the new 40, what are you worried about! I haven't even applied to do it yever before so I will be 42 maybe!
  • NotReallyARunner

    If you've been rejected seven times on the trot, you will have had a guaranteed place for the sixth year.  Five straight rejections and you're guaranteed a start the following year.

  • I did a marathon once, in the New Forest. The london marathon appeals not a bit, but I might have a crack at the Wharfedale one next year, or some other off road big jobbie. Now THAT'S scenic!

    Sorry, but I don't understand why the London marathon is so important to enter, when there's so many others around.

  • I now have 4 rejections. Guaranteed a place in 2011 and I will be 46 then.
  • Only if they were consecutive  Moscow..
  • Just got my acceptance, 3 times in 6 years for me
  • Tracey G - I did my first one this year aged 46 so you have nothing to worry about!
  • minardi - I am doing my 6th marathon tomorrow. I am not worried.

  • Begsie wrote (see)


    Its a great marathon and a super weekend in the big smoke!

    The sights, atmoshere and the support is second to none.

    I've been successful in four of the last five ballots so a refusal this year was not unexpected.

    If I dont get my club's entry then it will be Paris for me next year.

    Hold on, lets dream

    If I can knock off 4 mins from my marathon PB in three weeks time I might be able to qualify 'As Good for Age' for the Boston Marthon next April 

    true it's a great weekend (ran it for charity in 2007) with a fab atmosphere but sights are non-existent if you're 5'0 and running in the pack - didn't see anything except other runners backs until came up the mall!!.... must admit the sight of Buckingham Palace is pretty awesome though

    am expecting my 3rd rejection to be waiting for me when i get home tonight - am thinking of Prague for next year instead.

  • NotReally A Runner

    This was my 14th year applying and I've been successful 6 times in the ballot.

    Keep at it and it will come thro

    Being cynical, I'm not sure of the benefits of bequeathing.

    I dont and it certainly has hindered me this past five years.


    Hate to say it folks


    Just received a phone call from one of my mates at the running club!

    From his reckoning

    Out of the 6 applicants from the club

    4 were GFA and he was successful in the ballot which means

    unofficially I look to have got the Club entry


    OOOPs sorry losersimage

  • I'm in, not sure if I'll run or defer yet though, I'll get NY out of the way and then have a couple of weeks off before deciding.
  • London is the daddy as far as uk running is concerned, I mean no disrespect to Edinburgh, Nottingham etc... They are great but it's the atmosphere and also the number's of plodder's make it a carnival. The problem is that so many people from the uk and all over the world want to do it that the organisers are in a impossible situation. Made worse by them being greedy when it comes to who get's what place. Sorry to bang on about charity places but really? Golden bond place are simply not fair. to the charities who can't afford it and the runner's who do it year in and year out only to miss out because jo bloggs wants to impress there mates by say they did the London marathon and raised £500 and then never even walked up the stairs again.image
    Sorry that last bit's a little unfair but still sulking like a 5 year old. If we all said right next year we are doing this one instead things might get a little more fairer all round and would give another part of the uk or elsewhere a good party. Amsterdam next year? Never done that one.image

    p.s. To those that got in congratulations and enjoy.image

  • FLM have done a superb job of marketing it - everyone thinks it's the one when in fact it's over-crowded, over-hyped and the same distance as any other marathon.

    Fell for the hype myself (of course) and did it once, but wouldn't do it again.  There are so many others, which are just as good - no, better! (such heresy!)

    So what if no-one has heard of the non-London marathon that you do, Richard?  That doesn't make your achievement any smaller, for goodness sake!  Are you doing for yourself, or to impress other people?

  • Like it or not, London get's a lot of people into running who otherwise would never have even ventured out, or who would try it and then give up after a few weeks. I think it's great that we have such a high profile marathon. There are a lot of sports that would give an arm and a leg to get the sort of publicity London gets. I remember I was a kid when the first London Marathon was on tv and I said to my mum, "I'm gonna run run London one day" - and I finally did last year, so it certainly inspired at least one runner!
  • I think it's fantastic there is a high profile marathon but they could easily be more high profile marathons in this country except to people who make these kind of decisions are all London based so don't see the need. Look at it this way there was 3 world class female runner's from team GB at China this year and only 1 man. This isn't just because all the other man couldn't be bothered, it's because they aren't the plans and idea's in place to get people interested because like Wilkie said it all points to London marathon.

    I know this sound like a rubbish conspiracy theory idiots put on the internet. (quick check for firm ground) but when Birmingham or Manchester bided for the Olympics they didn't get half the support London did. Part of this was the political situation with the PM's at the time but a lot of it was simple apathy from the civil service and business.

    God I'm getting serious again. image Pub?

  • I didn't get in image but my o/h did image He doesn't even like running!!

    Spose I can't moan really as I did get in the last 2 years through the ballot & once before that through my running club image Only missed 1 year in the last 4.

    Charity place for me then.

  • I didn't get in either.

    I did do FLM last year and it is an amazing experience. I would say you have to look at it as an event on its own.

    Some of the smaller marathons I've done have been better as running events. I did find FLM crowded, constant going round people or people going round me. The crowds are immense, but there were times when I was struggling that I just wanted the quiet of my normal runs at home.

    Having said that, some parts of the course are awesome. Tower Bridge, Canary Wharf and Parliament Sq spring to mind. Its also pretty much my local marathon and the only one so far that friends and family have some to support me. Made it a pretty good booze up at the end!

    Following on from the original post, my non running friends all know FLM is the 26 miles, but when I mention another marathon, they always ask "how longs that"!

    I'm looking at Paris or Rome now.

  • Five rejections in a row for me - 2010 seems a long way away but at least I know I'm in that one! Just hope the legs can hold out.
  • Five rejections in a row for me too, so roll on 2010. Meanwhile, I have yet another fleece that I could fit another two people into along with me image
  • 2nd rejection for me today, so three more and I can enter in .... 2013image
  • Yes, another 3rd time reject, Sigh. Would LOVE to get in. 'Cos its home.

    But I try not to feel bitter because;

    There will always be 6 times more people wanting to get in for every place, however way you cut the cake - Ballot, bond or club.

     "Non runners" with charity places who haven't done the training will be the easy ones to spot to "us runners" when they brag about having done it at full volume

    You just ask the question "And what was your time?" and they will go "ahem, yeah, six hours and a bit" and then you've clocked them mid brag and then mention what time you did at a crush free, go at your natural pace event.

    If, however, they have done it in a good time as well, then I'll buy them a drink. Done the preparation. Done the charity too. Well done, a better man than I.   

  • Both my sister and I have done a marathon - my sister did London, and I did Manchester. My mother tells everyone about my sister, and when I asked why she didn't tell people that I've done a marathon, she said, "But that wasn't a proper one, was it?" image

    I'll keep trying to get into London just because I've been watching it on telly for years and it's iconic - but I'm genuinely not upset that I didn't get in, or annoyed with those who did. Well done to all those who'll be doing it in 2009. image

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