hips getting wider

Since gaining weight and running my hips have got bigger. Is this normal or is it just the exercise or increased food intake?. I measure 28 inches for stomach and 34 for hips?. I want to know the best exercises for toning up.


  • You still seem to have issues from your ED.

  • Not really. I just want to know what a healthy range is for me. Hips and Waist. I'm looking for exercises to tone up, not lose weight.
  • I wish I had 34" hips!!  TG - My waist is 28" but my hips are 37".  Actually, I don't want 34" hips.....aren't girls supposed to have hips?! I quite like looking like a girl!  Stop worrying TG - you certainly don't sound over weight by any stretch of the imagination.
  • ClagClag ✭✭✭
    TG - can't remember the last time my hips were that size! You'll be getting to be a more healthy shape so don't worry about it! image
  • ok. I will try not to worry. I was just wondering.

    Have a good weekend

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