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Have been off running for 4 weeks now due to a knee injury which was thought by doctors to be 'ruptured ACL' . However, although I still have an appointment at the hospital on Wed, my knee has been feeling much better and I think I can probably run (not tried yet though). Am going to wait until after my appointment BUT am eager to write myself a programme to get me back into running again.

It will be 5 weeks in total by the time I start again. Prior to injury I was running 20M weeks mainly 4,5,6M runs. Much of this year I have been running 30-40M weeks. However, I'm wanting to change the way I train and instead of just going out and running loads of miles all the time, I want to sort something more structured and come back more focussed on shorter, quality runs and training sessions. My aim is to build a strong base (with a max of 10M long run) with speed ready for the new year, when I will start FLM and Edinburgh marathon training.

Was wondering if anyone has any tips, schedules and training they can recommend?

Reaally want to be commited to quality not quantity but this is quite alien to me.

Any advice, tips and schedules gratefully recieved.


  • Well i am just starting to do exactly the same. For a different reason however. I am moving into triathlon and after a couple of months of practically killing myself trying to 'add-on' the other training on top of my running I realised it wasn't going to work and got myself a coach.

    So - first thing - what kind of distance are you aiming for?

    Then - How much time do you have?  Can you take 5 days a week and do 3 runs and 2 cross training or do you 'need' to run everyday or only 3 times a week.

    Decide on your core sessions.  FOr me this is 1 distance, 1 speed, 1 recovery and 1 brick (run straight off the bike).

     My distance is 14 because i do half marathons most of the time.

    My speed work comprises  long intervals (800m - 1km ) at my running club at speed determined by  (and occasional hill sessions and once a month a 6km time trial - run by my running club)

    Recovery and off bike running is determined by my heart rate - keeping it below 70% - feels so refreshingly easy.

    My other sessions are 3 bike ( 1 long, 1 hard and 1 easy), 1 hard swim (distance one week, intervals the next) and a weights sesssion.  It makes for a very full week but the running is so much less than I used to do and I can feel the difference in how fresh i feel on the recovery runs. It feels great.  Prior to this change I think I did every workout either hard or medium and so never really recovered.  Even though this probably looks like a nightmare week for someone not into triathlon, you could easily add in cross training of your choice into a couple of other days.

  • I would be looking to run about 30M a week. I can find time to run 5 days a week and will be happy with a max distance of 10M as my long run, for now. All will change in the new year when I begin mara training.

    Have got the Garmin 405 with heart rate monitor so I'll be looking to use that to ensure I am training at the right levels.

    Just don't know where to start with it all?!?! Am thinking I prob need to assess my current level with a 10k race to see where I'm at!?!?!

  • Start with the basics and add on.

    So assuming you are going to be sticking to 10K as your optimum racing distance for now.

    1) Long run 10 miles

    rest day or very easy recovery run

    2) Intervals - 6 miles with 1 WU (and Cool Down at the end) then 4 miles of intervals in a variety of flavours - see the smart trainer for ideas on this site.  Every now and again find yourself a 5k route to test your speed on. Even better if you can find a club to do this for you. It's much easier racing other people.  

     rest day or easy recovery run

    3) Lactic Threshold run - 1 mile WU (and CD) then 20 mins @ 85% MHR

    That would give you roughly 20 miles - so 2 easier runs of 5 miles each would give you your 30 a week if that's what you wanted to do. 

     If this it too much then alternate the intervals and the threshold run each week.  Do your easy run under 70 MHR . 

    These are the 3 elements  of most training programmes  you will see in the mag or on any running related sites.  

  • Thanks Gymaddict sounds good and very doable!! image

    Will have a little look on here for more ideas and details.

    Any other advice anyone?

  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    I'd say run build up to about an hours running on 4 of those days and then the 10M run on the 5th.

    If you're raelly looking to build a base for FLM then just get used to running more often and for longer periods. Forget the Icing stick with baking a cake.
    That way you'll be nice and fit, and used to running more when you step it up after Christmas.

    Just an opinion.
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