Anita Bean book and Vegetarians

I know that loads of people on here rate the Anita Bean sports nutrition book very highly and I have been looking to get it as I know my diet could do with some tweaking.  However, I am vegetarian and wonder whether there is enough advice that can be applied to non meat eaters to justify buying it.   Those of you who have it, what do you think?  Thanks in advance image


  • There's lots of veggie information in it as well as recipes. Don't think you'll be disappointed with it.

  • There is a whole chapter on vegetarian sports nutirition, the majority of it applies equally to veggie and non veggie, and in the diet plans at the back there is a whole set of veggie plans.  Definitely worth it. 
  • An Eat A Bean could she not cater for veggies !image

  • The only people not catered for are people who enjoy food rather than seeing it as "fuel" and "nutrition".

  • Thank you everybody for your replies. Next stop Amazon image
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