Great North Run 2009



  • SM - I cant eat right after the race, but I haven't stopped eating for most of today image
  • Good Evening to everyone!!!!

    I'm finally home from an absolutely fantastic weekend!!!

    It was just great to meet so many of you over the course of the weekend. I've tried reading back and have skimmed very slowly over the old thread and this one - Sounds as though most of us did some really fantastic times so WELL DONE EVERYONE!!!!!!

    I had my worst GNR out of the five I've done but it didn't put me off and I'll be back for the next 2 years at least. I finished in an official time of 2hrs 9mins 45secs which is my slowest for this race but I've learnt a lot of lessons. Firstly (and probably most important) DONT drink 5/6 glasses of wine the night before, secondly Make sure I go to the loo BEFORE the start, even if there are huge queues and thirdly dont set off like a bat out of hell!!!

    I would love to blame a fancy dress costume that weighed me down as well!!!image

    I was called allsorts yesterday, Wilma Flintstone, cavegirl, Tarzan, a tiger.....  It was great!! The crowds were awsome as always - Thank you to everyone who stood out for hours to cheer us all on.

    It was lovely to meet Roslyn at Durham Uni - hope she managed to get home safely. It was also great to see so many at the meeting point before the race - I'm really sorry if I didn't get chance to say hi.

    Shielsy - THANK YOU SSOOOOO MUCH for organising last night - It was a huge success, great company, lovely food and brilliant way to end the weekend. (Great to see Wee Col and his friends as well!!!)

    Also Shielsy, sorry to hear you are suffering even more with your cold. Stuff work and wrap up warm til you feel loads better.

    Good to see RSPT making an appearance on here earlier - I'm still chuckling about you trying to climb those stairs back to the hotel last night!!!!

    As for CC2.......The last sighting of her was as she was leaving to go on to a foam party!! (I kid you not!!!)

    So, same again next year everyone???????

  • I can't eat after a long run and don't feel particularly hungry today, what going on?!! I did force down 3 eegs last night hoping i'd wake up this morning feeling good, but actually woke up about 3 times during the night when I turned over and the pain in my knee's woke me up image
  • I found it a lot more crowded than I have other years - don't they keep pushing up the number of entrants each year?

    Waiting in the pens, my friend said to me 'Is this what it's like? Running amongst so many people like this?' and I assured her that it would thin out eventually ... but from where we started it didn't seem to thin out much for the whole of the race.

    Well done Scottish Mike ... sorry I was only able to say a quick hello on the day, but I was running late and needed the toilet.
  • Gun time wouldn't be too hard as long as they had an efficient way of getting the order as people crossed the line. You'd just need to take note of the time on the board as people crossed and interpolate the rest. Presumably that's what they did before 2005, which is why people would have relied on their watches, and why I was so glad I chose the first-chip timed event to fail to start my watch until mile 1image

    Hey Mandie image ...

  • ... what the heck is a foam party ?

    Glad you're safely home. Great to see you last night, as always. 

  • Hi, Shielsy. 50,000 entrants last year, if memory serves, 52,000 this year.

    Of course that's simply because bigger is better, it has nothing to do with making more money, does it?

    Cynical, me? No !

  • XL-man wrote (see)

    ... what the heck is a foam party ?

    It's a party with foam image
  • AnsonN7 wrote (see)

    BBS - when is Richmond 10k?

    Hi Anson - Sun 19 October but i do mean Richmond, North Yorks you know rather than posh down south Richmondimage

    Actually Richmond oop north is pretty posh too...

    Link here if you are interested still:-

  • It certainly felt much busier than it used to but my last one was 2004 and I am sure it was 35000 then. Also agree that it didn't seem to thin out as much but maybe that was because I did 1m 39 last time. Don't remember them having the cages then though so you would think it would have been worse??

    Not sure what the mag said about friends/family meeting place Jovi- OH said she thought it looked like they were redeveloping the stadium (forgotten its name sorry).

    Have had 2 Anadin Extra (soluble) and a pint and a half of water and feel strangely much better already.

    My son wants to take my GNR medal to school to show everyone tomorrow - one of his friend's did the kids' race on Saturday so he wants to do it next year.

  • Does anyone know how long the £30 bond thing lasted? I have in my mind that it was 3 years so that is presumably now up??? Anyone know?
  • Hi, BBS - yes, 3 years was the deal, I think.
  • Do they still do the bond thing? I never saw anything about it this year.
  • Scottish Mike, thanks, I would never have thought of that image
  • Evening all,

    Kaysdee – Yeah it's a long slog up that road, the worst is just before the marden rock pub, but at least you know that you'll be going down hill soon afterwards image. Well done for working though at the point though.

    Shielsy – Holiday was fantastic. Lots of carb loading (not) lol. Was a bit nervous coming back for any delays, but thankfully all was well. Plus on the plane the row of 3 seats one of them was empty so I even managed to stretch my legs a little image, as supposed to having my knees next to my chin. Oh and don't worry your not the only one who is sore today. I'm broken LOL

    SJ – Cheers, well done on your race too. Cracking time. How's the new addition to the family?

    James – I was down Tynemouth during the evening last night image Load of people with their t-shirts on from the run.

    Electric Ocean – I once got 2h00m00s a few years back, wish I had of tried a sprint finish then LOL

    CC2 – Just as I crossed the finish line I saw the BBC interview Nell McAndrew, must admit I looked twice (well ok 4 times image)

    Scottish Mike – I'm the same as you, I can't stomach anything after a long run and just like Vicki I've made up for that today LOL
  • evening everyone, my legs seem to have got heavier and more painful as the day has gone on image

    was planning a nice gentle 3 mile run tomorrow to try and loosen them up a bit, see how i feel in the morning !!

  • I can't eat straight after either. Which was a shame given that I was in a tent full of free food. I did manage a small glass of wine though image.

    The foam party was suprisingly good fun Mandie. I danced a lot, but now my legs are killing me!

  • Go for it, Mr sj - it will be tough but worth it.

    36 hours is usually the worst time, or so I used to find, before making myself go for a gentle run the morning after the race before. I reckon a gentle bimble will help you tomorrow.

  • flabby - poppy is doing great, she's one week old tomorrow and settled straight into the family. apparently last night she slept great, only woke once all night. i have to take my wifes word for that as nothing on earth would have woken me last night !!

    took my daughter into school today and loads were talking about the GNR, about 10 people did it and one of them asked me my time as i walked past and i beat all of them, woohoo !!!!!!! i migth have come 7000 and something in the official results but i was the winner of all parents in my kids school image  think that now makes me an elite runner and im expecting a zone A number next year alongside andy sly

  • SJ - Only once in the evening for a 1 week old is fantastic - Lucky bugger image  But glad to hear all is well image

    Shame you didn't have some sort of bet image
  • Woohoo - gold medal for that dad image
  • 3 years from when XL- do you know?
  • way- hay gold medal for you SJ!
  • freaky - very similar post to yours XL!
  • Just been for a gentlish 6 miles or so, works wonders as a loosener.

     I did the last mile alongside Nell McAndrew(didnt know it at the time mind). People kept shouting "keep going Superwoman" which confused me a bit.

     XL - Interpolate, good word image

  • Not sure, BBS - because I didn't take out membership. I think Mick the Mackem did - not sure if anyone else on the thread paid the bond.
  • I was thinking of doing a couple of miles tomorrow SJ, but not sure my legs will be up to it - will see how they are in the morning.

    Have decided I am going to FORCE myself to go to Claremont RR on Monday of next week. No more excuses! Will only mention again if I actually go.image

  • Why thank you, Spesh - I was rather pleased with it too image

    Great minds, BBS, great minds.

  • Hat-trick ?
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