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  • Oh, I have a story about my last night at Northumbria Uni was quite eventful as such.

    I seemed like I was the only runner left in the block that I was in, as there was no one around. I decided that I would go and watch X-Factor and Harry Potter in the common room.

    There was no-one about and while watching TV I kept on seeing shadows in the corner of my eye, however when I looked there was nothing. So just thought it was the light playing tricks on my and never thought about it.

    Then about the quarter of the way through, I then heard someone come into the common room area (it's a lock so you need a key), a bit of fumbling out of sight and leave after a couple of minutes. No one actually came into the common room and I saw no one outside. Again never thought anything about it and carried on watchig the film.

    About 3/4 of the way through Harry Potter the shadows appeared again. But dark shadows and this was starting to creep me out. And as I was started to feel tired I thought I would head back to my room.

    Then about 11ish, I started to hear footsteps on the top corridor. Again, never thought anything about it as I just thought it was another runner coming in from a night out.

    The next day, I got speaking to the block cleaners and was telling them I felt stupid last night because I kept of seeing shadows while in the common room. The both looked at each other and then said 'Oh that would be Bella' the blocks ghost.

    I thought they were pulling my leg and said that they weren't, there has been many reports of people seeing ghosts.

    I then spoke to them about the sound of someone coming in to the block and leaving and then footsteps upstairs, and they said that would have been Bella too as there was no other runners in my part of the block.

    I left within 5 minutes of them telling me this image

  • You're a master XL, what can I say?

    That would completely freak me out SM - I have no ghost experiences and don't want any.

  • There are loads of places in Count Durham that are spookily empty at times, Mike - the Stadium of Light is another

    (And there's no such place as Tyne & Wear - Northumberland is north of the Tyne, Durham is south. image)

  • York half is flat?! I like the sound of that! I'll stick that in my calendar and apply immediately on the day. Need all the training I can get if I'm going to work up some courage for the Edinburgh marathon.

    Thanks, Flabby. That certainly is a stage in the race to focus and dig in.

  • LOL at XL and the stadium of light - waits for Mick to respond image
  • blithburysloth wrote (see)

    Something odd did happen to me in the last stretch. Kept welling up to cry (but didn't) - what's that all about?

    Same here, happened last year on my first GNR as soon as I crossed the line and again this year.  I felt quite emotional, I thinks it's the culmilation of months of training, running 13.1 miles and exhaustion.

    commando29 wrote (see)

    can not get the journal down here Mr K, scooby was with me for some time, so id like to see that photo i may be on it? blue top no 6434?

    Have a look here it's the Journal website
    XL-man wrote (see)
    Not sure, BBS - because I didn't take out membership. I think Mick the Mackem did - not sure if anyone else on the thread paid the bond.

    I did, paid £30 after last years GNR and guarantees me in the 2008,2009 and 2010. 


  • I was the same -was fighting the tears the last mile or so - thought I would start sobbing when I cried but I was really just so glad to have stopped running that all the emoition had left me by that point ! - and I was also worried about all the mud on my shoes !

    I said I would never do it again when I was on the train back yesterday but I am itching to do it all over again already !!! - will be easier afer the edinburgh marathon and now I know the ins and outs ! 0 Hope I get lucky enough to get another place !!!

    roll on telegraph ballot !!

  • I have just had a flashback and i may be totally wrong here but I am sure that Tanni Grey Thompson the paralympian handed me a bottle of water at the last/ one of the last  AquaPura water stations - anyone else see her?
  • i am a relative newbie and have only done one 10k to date, although another to do in november. i know a lot of people who do GNR every year and my friend just did it (her first half) in 1.59.39!! As a goal to aim for i am going to enter for next year, love the idea of all the support from the crowd. won't be anywhere near my friends time though!
  • Hey Mick and Laura - it was odd because I am so not an emotional person but I could feel myself feeling overcome and then kept self correcting and stopping myself. My toes were killing which probably added to it as well as being generally sore in legs and pretty knackered.

    No idea when I paid my £30 Mick - wonder if they remind you when your 3 years are up?

  • Hi Mandie – glad you got home safely.

    You’re very welcome about last night … I had a lot of fun, but gutted if I missed out on more merrymaking!

    XL – ooh no, I’m sure increasing the numbers each year to daft amounts has absolutely nothing at all to do with making money, lol.

    Flabby – pleased to hear you had a good holiday.

    My legs are getting worse, but probably due to the fact I’ve been in bed most of the day. Wanted to go to running club tomorrow, just to say well done to one of my friends who had a great race, but I’m barely able to put one foot in front of the other so running seems impossible at the moment.

  • Tanni Grey Thompson was handing out water!

     Had a brilliant weekend, definitely want to do it next year.

  • Meglet - welcome aboard

    My friend completed it in 1 hour 28 mins - there was no hope in hell that I would beat him. But at the end of the day I don't really care about other runners. I am never gonna come first in runs.

    However I do compete against myself. I like to do the run and get a scare and next race of the same distance and also the next time I do that race I try and beat it.

    You will be fine and at the end of the day the time only matters to you.

  • I saw Tanni Grey Thompson aswell, had no idea who she was though image But I did get a bottle of water from her and thanked her (as I do every person who hands me something)
  • Thanks Beetrootface - I thought so but remember at the time being in a bit of a daze and wondering if it was her or not and then it has only just popped into my fuzzy brain again now!

    Right I am off to relax. As OH has just said "sitting in front of that bloody computer ain't going to help your headache".

    One last amusing story. When I met OH at family meeting area she was talking to a woman who was waiting for her husband - she was worrying she had missed him/ he couldn't find her and she was saying "1 hour 30 he told me - must be at least 2 hours now. he's always like this. Bloody unreliable to the end." Half joking she was, but clearly narked. Hope he was okay and she met up with him - if he wasn't sore at the end, looked like he was going to be when he met up with his OHimage

  • Shielsy - sorry that last comment came straight after you - it wasn't there when I started my slow typing. image Sorry you've been suffering, hope you start to feel better soon

  • Me too SM - always say thanks. Seem to remember I considered running back to see if it was her but thought better of itimage
  • I never noticed Tanni Grey Thompson image but like Mike says I always say thank you to anyone who hands out water/vaseline etc.  It's their own time and will be doing it free of charge
  • Oh and Flabby, I can see you sent me a friend request on Facebook, but it's now allowing me to accept it because it aint coming up. Damn facebook for it's quirkyness!!!
  • ignore cos it triple quadruple posted!!!!!!!

  • Me too SM - always say thanks. Seem to remember I considered running back to see if it was her but thought better of itimage
  • Me too SM - always say thanks. Seem to remember I considered running back to see if it was her but thought better of itimage

    See y'all

    Btw I am caught up on Heroes at last Shielsy, so no more whining from me that I am catching upimage Great episode 1 last night. Very unexpected (for this dullard here anyway)

  • refresh button buggered it up again, sorry folks -


  • Scottish Mike - those old G & T's before a run, never do you any good.

    Mind you I was at that Durham Uni and ended up spending the evening with freshers remembering  my Uni days at Nottingham. Never felt so old. Back to the good old hotels for me next time!

  • blithburysloth wrote (see)

    No idea when I paid my £30 Mick - wonder if they remind you when your 3 years are up?

    I read somewhere that they do get in touch and ask if you wish to buy another 3 years bond.  It's a guaranteed extra £30 to the GNR people after all
  • Just incase it was missed originally, when is the bond normally offered to GNR runners? Do they send you an email afterwards or something?
  • Scottish Mike - I'll send another request image
  • This is one HM, we've NEVER run, Never even contemplated doing it actually, NOT really sure why

    from the back, ( For us ) it would be plodding fun, from the front 5 mins before elite men, we'd RACE it - if they allowed us do that of course

    even i wonder, what should we do , long drive there for 13 miles, long drive back

    really just don't know

  • The invitation of a bond arrived a couple of weeks after the run as well as the official finishing time/certificate.

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