Great North Run 2009



  • Blow torch under foot and dead legged is the perfect description for me too Stuart. You are not alone Shielsy! Also have quite a bad headache and sore eyes. What's all that about?
    Have had email from my second to say she came 2nd in the firm and I came 3rd. A young 22 year old came in 1 40 something but she is a super athlete who ran San Diego marathon last year in 3 20 or something daft and was nearly a tennis pro. We didn't even know she was doing it.
    Have to say I revised my opinion about ipod runners yesterday. So many just bounced in front of me and then when the ambulance came they weren't moving over and had to be physically pushed to one side by some of the other runners. I didn't have the strength myself.
  • Should be secretary not second!!!no edit button on crackberry.
  • The top of my thighs problem is the same problem I had after FLM 2005 if I remember.I went to physio who said it was due to not using m backside muscles enough when running. Does that make sense?
  • So, in other words, you have to get your arse into gear !


  • hi all, sore knees and thighs other wise bouncing today wiv me t shirt on!!!

    well done all


  • Nice one, commando

    and good to see you at the start yesterday, hope we'll see you again sometime

  • Well we know that one XL. The soreness in the thighs is kind of satisfying I have to say but it knacks.
  • Have we heard from James Vixx RLTW Mandie or Ros yet?
  • Well, I let Vicki start teh thread, but I'm having the first ...
  • Only 29,900 to go image

    No BBS, still waiting on a few. Presumably they will be in transit today

  • no rpobs xl nice to meet you, ill be back...going to look for the cumbrian run as you suggested...fancy doing it nowimage

    oh dear just had a look in the events section and im away on hols when its running on the 19th. image

  • How was the night out last night? Mirth and merriment had by all?
  • It's a good one, I'm sure you'll be able to enter for this year's too. There are usually a few less than 50,000 running in Carlisle.

    That soreness is like a badge of honour, isn't it BBS? It  may be even worse tomorrow. Why not try a recovery run, a gentle three miles or so?

  • lol XL , its started already, wonder who will get 30,000 imageimage my moneys on shielsey

  • Yes, it was good craic, BBS - a good crowd too, some very tired runners in evidence as the evening wore on though.
  • Are you running a book then, Mr sj?


  • Of course 30,000 means 2,500 per calendar month - that's some post rate to keep up for a year.
  • A run? Today? Impossible.
  • Wuss image

    Just noticed your holiday comment, commando - that's a shame.

    Get 2009 in your diary - it's usually the third Sunday in October. We'll see you there, and I'll be in my running gear this time.

  • I'll take a fiver on That
  • Shielsy & the banana skin!! image  I have heard (I think) that banana skins are good for getting rid of verruccas!! image
  • RTG - dont think its possible to get a veruca where shielsey was rubbing it image
  • Blith - I get discomfort at the top of my thighs as well (really felt it towards the end of that 21 mile run I did last weekend).  I get pain also right at the top, i.e. where your thigh finishes and your torso begins!
  • LOL mr SJ!! 
  • its a date XL!!, get yer shorts on image


  • Out of curiosity I put 'banana skins healing' in Google.  Seems that banana skins can help itching, mozzie bites, general inflammation and also, piles!! image
  • Right gotta go.  Have a good day folks image
  • Blith "Have we heard from James Vixx RLTW Mandie or Ros yet?"

    James might have extended his break at The Rex hotel.  A fine Hotel.
  • Me too RLTW. Where it joins and the top generally so what's that all about? Presumably you aren't using your glutus maximus enough either?
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