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  • glutus maximus - what a load of old arse
  • Glutus Maximus? Wasn't he in that Russell Crowe film?

    I'll  get my coat.

    By the way, BBS - I think you're confusing RtG with RLTW

    (These forumites who use initials really complicate things don't they?)

  • LOL mr sg very true
  • And who the heck is Mr sg ?
  • mr sg, obviously an imposter - apprehend that man!!

  • Raring to go wrote (see)
    Out of curiosity I put 'banana skins healing' in Google.  Seems that banana skins can help itching, mozzie bites, general inflammation and also, piles!! image
    You gotta love them banana skins!  image
  • So, Shielsy, if it's not a personal question, did you suffer from any mozzie bites, yesterday ?image
  • XL-man wrote (see)
    So, Shielsy, if it's not a personal question, did you suffer from any mozzie bites, yesterday ?image

    Nope the stinging nettles on the legs and arse were quite enough, thank you! image

  • (I can't quote people on my work PC)

    Motherhood  "I done my bit on the sidelines at Heworth roundabout shouting encouragement to all the 'names on the t-shirts' I could find (it's truly amazing how many folk don't put their name on)"

    I've never really thought of putting my name on my shirt, although I may do next year.  Might make the last 2 miles easier with a few shouts. image

    I'd like to say a big Thank You to the runner 800 metres from the end who said "Come on mate, you've nearly finished"  I was hobblong/walking like a man of 85 at the time and he gave me the boost I needed. Cheers.
  • So banana skins keep away irritating pests, useful to know.
  • A few brief comments on GNR:


    Fab crowds, love the warm up and music at the start, great commaraderie (sp?) throughout race, bands enroute, red arrows

    Not so goods (dont want to call them negatives

    start still a bit chaotic, meet up point being moved  - it was much harder to find people - much easier when in Gypsies Green and too close to charities village - winder why it was moved from gypsies Green?

     I think one of the ladies from Nova (GNR organisers) reads this thread so would aslo add the following on possible improviemtns:

    Numbering and baggage buses - would be good if GNR numbered randomly like London Marathon - that way everyone doesnt finish around the same time and want their gear off bus at same time

    Give everyone a standard bag with their number on for putting their gear onto baggage bus - like FLM - with number in large type on front so easily identified

    T shirts and medal this year not nearly as good quality as previous years - have they changed suppliers - can they go back to original suppliers as T shirts last few yeasrs have been much better quality/fit (my small was really big on me).

    Dont let one pen start until previous one crossed start line

    More stringent checks on peoples claimed finish times - to avoid poeple being in front pens who walk before they even get to the Tyne Bridge

  • 2nd GNR this year and still loving it.

    Finished with a time of 02:09:42 an new 1/2 PB and way better than 2007s 02:43:31 (shows what difference a little training makes)

    Will be back next year with the new challange of finishing in under 2 hours.

    Great support on route as always, congratulations to all other runners

  • MR SJ i was on the iphone it defaults!!! and thats not an excuse its real!!
  • Morning all, glad to read everybody is well and not too many with major aches and pains.

    I Had a terrible nights sleep last night, my left knee is really sore, I'm presuming that I carried most of my weight on my left leg after my right calf pulled at around mile 7, only one black toe nail so that's not too bad, quad's a little tender but manageable. 

  • Hello all, sorry I didnt meet up with anyone yesterday but I hope you all had great days!!

    What times did people get? I finished in 2:33:11, a bit slower than I wanted but nevermind, it was a great experience!! After 9 miles I felt there was nothing left in my legs (perhaps its cos the first 10k was a new PB for me)

    The timing split to Tyne far is that timing split..?

    Hope everyone is ok!!

    p.s. Rex = ok, but we were on the top floor and could still here the thudding of the music down below!! Good job we werent any lower. Generally I was very disappoinbted with Whitley bay though, looked very run down and just a place to have a piss-up. Very disappointed. South SHields and Tynemouth looked nicer though, especially south shields.

    Ferry - we went to queue for it and it must have been half a milelong!! We went for a drink instead and then went to queue for it. The queue had gone down but we still had to wait around for an hour and finally got back to north shields around 6.

  • James - people have been mentioning their times in their race reports  image.

    If you don't want to read others' race reports then you can check out people's results on the official Great North Run site (though you'll need to know people's real names.) 

  • image

    Shielsy's real name is Miss Banana Pants 2008

  • XL-man wrote (see)


    Shielsy's real name is Miss Banana Pants 2008

    That does have a certain ring to it image

    (spot the pun)
  • hi guys, had a great day yesterday, had a PB despite running with a cold (naughty I know!) Did anyone else think it was really warm the first few miles?

     Got cramp at 11 miles  but was able to carry on.  did 2hrs 24 so really pleased.  Jovi runners directions etc were really helpful however it was touch and go to get to train station for 5.30pm.  Couldn't not believe the queue for the ferry! Arrived home in Kent at 11pm.  What a long day.

     Would I do it again?  I'll definately do another half but Newcastle is such a long way to go and soooo many people.  Never really felt you got any space.

  • Are the race numbers based on predicted times? My number was 17870, so does that mean I was expected to finish 17 thousandth (is that a word??). My overall position was 11000 odd, so do you reckon I might get a better zone next year? I was in E this time.

    See, it must be like childbirth and I was crazy enough to do that 3 times. Only 24 hours later and I'm thinking that wasn't so bad, I can do it better next time. Reality is, it was horrendous over the last few miles!!!

  • Shielsy wrote (see)
    XL-man wrote (see)


    Shielsy's real name is Miss Banana Pants 2008

    That does have a certain ring to it image

    (spot the pun)
    Hmm Ms Shiels I am seeing you in a whole new light image
  • It must have been around the 11 mile mark I started to think about my plan of entering next years Edinburgh Mar****n, it almost made me laugh - 26.2 miles, not a chance in hell !!!!!!

    I've got my application form half filled in but my OH thinks it would be a really bad decisionand doesn't want me to do it.

  • Mick, I know that feeling, except I've already paid my money!

    I think the only thing I can do is to not think of the time at all and only think about finishing. Just do a slow plod, even if it was11-12 minute miles.

  • I was thinking exactly the same thing, Spesh - once I worked out what she meant of course.

    You should be ashamed of yourself, Shielsy image

    What a wise woman she is, Mick - listen to her.

  • Did you see the guys around mile 9 (i think 9) with the home brew?
    "Real Beer for Real Athletes" they were shouting, handing out plastic cups of beer.
    It brought a smile to my face, but the smell of stale beer a few yards up the road wasn't the best smell ever image
  • Mick - the first time I did GNR (2005) I just could not ever imagine being able to turn round and run the same distance again but I did my first marathon at London this year. I am sure you will be OK for a marathon - you have 8 months to prepare and the reality is that you run slower for the marathon so at the half way mark you are nowhere near as tired as you would be at the end of a half. I loved running the marahton and actually felt less tired at the end of it than I have done at the end of a lot of the half marathons I have done. Go for it!
  • XL, I do have a bit of doubt, but I also had doubt whether or not I could do a half, and now I have 2 under my belt.
  • I was passed the 'beer men' before I realised otherwise i'd have been tempted, I felt rotten enough anyway and it couldnt have made me feel worse. Chap near me grabbed a cup and was acclaimed as the "first of the day". He took one look at the cup and chucked it away. What a waste...
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