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  • "Mother - how did you feel seeing TWO vicki thompson's yesterday? image"

    One very proud 'mother' image

    I applaude all of you who took part in the race yesterday . Well done everyone image

  • Mr KMr K ✭✭✭
    Hey Anson - I missed saying hello to you at the ballons image I`m catching with all the posts & unpacking here but good effort with your race all things considered - same time next year??? 
  • Hi everyone

    This is my first post, hope you don't mind me joining this thread. I started running this year and have recently joined a local running club. When started running was never going to do a race but really want to now! Would really like to enter the Great North Run next year, how do I go about it ?? Any advice for a complete beginner?? Thanks Jo x 

  • Hi Mr K - I didn't hang along for very long at the balloons, was feeling a bit shy and overwhelmed by the day so just headed off to my pen to get prepared! Was nice to put a few faces to names though and in hindsight wished I'd stayed longer but there's always next year!

  • Mr K - I was next to Scooby Doo in the warm up - quite surreal doing aerobic warm up along side a man dressed as a giant dog! He was a very friendly guy. He then went further forward in the pen (Zone B) and I stayed at back of Pen as not keen on being too tightly packed in. I then ran past Scooby at the top of that incline just after Tyne Bridge. I am sure he didnt come past me again. I did 1:55:41 so unless he did between 1:56 & 1:57 it is probabyl safe to say you beat him!
  • Jo

    Welcome to the thread. image

    GNR is done on a ballot basis, but the ballot isn't open yet. If my memory serves me correctly it's the first part of the year it opens.

    If you go to the Great Run website and you can ask them to send you a reminder email to register for the ballot.

    Although don't wait until GNR to do some races. Get some other ones under you hat. It's the best part of running IMO.

  • Welcome Jo Hamblett. As well as the GNR official ballott there is also usually a ballott in the Telegraph as well as signing up for a charity place. The best thing to do is go on the Great run wbesite and sign up for there reminder service and they will send you an email when the ballott opens. also keep logging on here. From memory I htink the ballott opens around Jan/Feb time?

     Vixx - LOL - I agree, where on earth were they measuring that temp. I felt a bit overheated in first few miles and have the red face and panda eyes to prove it this morning!

  • Evening folks!

    I've just got back from being Internet-less since last Friday and this thread is off and running already (no pun intended!)

    Although I didn't actually run yesterday I've written a blog of my GNR weekend with a few piccies. Despite not running I had a great weekend and it was lovely to meet up with old and new friends.

    I hope you are all recovering nicely and not aching too much (R.S.P.T. especially image)

    I'll definitely be there next year, hopefully in my running gear next time!

    Hi Jo and welcome to the thread, the best advice I would give would be to get decent trainers and have your gait analysed, Build up slowly and ask on here if you want to know anything. We do occasionally talk about running!

  • WTS - The link takes me to the 2008 thread and I can't find the blog. Am I being a little slow in the head?
  • Hi SM

    I just realised it was the wrong link image

    It should work now (fingers crossed!) 

  • Thank you everyone for your advice and help off to the GNR website to sign up and look for some other races. Thanks image

  • WTS - I just tried that link to and got GNR08 thread?
  • Jo H - what area of the country are you in. We have poeple on here from all over UK who could probably give you info/tips on their fav races.
  • Hi Jovi

    I mucked the last link up, this one should work!

  • Hi everyone

    This is my first post, hope you don't mind me joining this thread. I started running this year and have recently joined a local running club. When started running was never going to do a race but really want to now! Would really like to enter the Great North Run next year, how do I go about it ?? Any advice for a complete beginner?? Thanks Jo x 

  • I'm from Dudley, in the West Midlands near Birmingham
  • Fab blog WTS - love your photos and congrats on getting into FLM
  • Hi everyoneimage

    Arrived back in the Midlands after the drive back from sunny Newcastle. It appears lots of people got really good times - well done!!! I managed 1:59, which was slower than I wanted but was still a PB (not too hard considering it's only the second half marathon I've done!) My knee started giving me problems (an old injury) around 10 miles so slowed up for the last few miles but still managed a sprint finish after realising I was in danger of not cracking the two hour mark!

    I will very likely be doing the 2009 GNR. I'm sure that I could get a much faster time on a flatter course and with less people taking part, but the atmosphere of the day, thousands of people raising money for many worthy causes and support from the locals makes it harder for me to imagine there's a better half marathon to take part in. As I stop at  friends who live a couple of miles down the coast from South Shields I'm lucky that I don't have to put up with the inconvenience of the baggage buses and trying to get out of the area afterwards - I can understand why this would put people off.

    The only downside was that I didn't spot any green ribbons so never got to meet any of the people on hereimage, however my resolution is to maybe join a running cub and start entering races on a more regular basis so maybe I'll get the chance to meet before next year!!

  • good going  EO ,      well done on ya pb
  • Thanks Jovi, the camera was working overtime so there were too many photos to post them all.

    I'm not sure whether I'm pleased or horrified about the FLM, I can't run 13 miles at the moment so I can't imagine doing 26!

    I won't tell you what XL said when I told him, but I bet you can imagine! image

  • Well done on your PB EO, 1:59 is a cracking time with so many other runners getting in the way.
  • Blithburysloth - 01:55:56

    I actually did 1:54:42 according to Garmin because I stopped it when I stopped for a pee  very soon after the start! Does that count?image Am off to bed with my deep heat on my legs (which I inadvertently sprayed on my nethers - eek!) and the tele and my RW mag. Will catch up on here later if I wake up- tomorrow if I don't.

    How did KGL get on?

    And yes sorry i was confusing RLTW with RTG, - sorry!

  • Great blog WTS.

    I know when I was running I went passed KGL so said hello to her. That was the only person I spotted that I knew. I did go passed Dump Truck & Bryan The Snail, but as I don't know them and didn't really speak to them I didn't acknowledge them as I felt stupid!!!

  • Traitor !

    Turncoat !

    Deserter !


  • (Just to make it clear, those comments are not aimed at BBS or Scottish Mike)
  • blithburysloth wrote (see)

    How did KGL get on?

    KGL got 2:12:59 - Steve posted it on her Super Six thread.

    Well done KGL

  • Who???



    I don't know what you are talking about XL!! image

  • Read back quickly.

    Yep I took a rich tea and yep I regretted it. Spat it out down my front - nice.

    LOL banana skin story. I just can't believe how many times I went to the toilet before and even then had to go just after the start. I was dying to go in the pen but saw someone told if they left for loo they wouldn't be allowe back in which I thought was very harsh.

    Something odd did happen to me in the last stretch. Kept welling up to cry (but didn't) - what's that all about?

  • PC13, WTS - cheers!

    Do pee breaks count? If so, I got  a 1:58image

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