Great North Run 2009



  • EO - Well done on your PB. Seemed we got to the same spot before the old knee injury set in.
  • Hmmm - of course you don't.

    Still can't access your photos, by the way.

    The most recent one is May 2008.

  • Has anyone done the York half marathon? Brass Monkey? I'm thinking of going in for that. I could combine it with my hubby's birthday and stay the weekend. We got married there too, so I'm sure I can finagle a couple of hours out of the day. image
  • XL - I'll have a play with the settings and get back to you
  • WTS - I am sure you can do it. I had a place for FLM 2007 and had a major calf injury - meaning no running for 3 months (10 days of which were on crutches). I did wonder how I would ever get fit enough for a marathon but I managed it in April this year and am now addicted. I always said I would only do one but having done one I was straight away looking for doing my next one!
  • heya folks image

    BBS - thats all chip times - so it doesn't take into account walk breaks, pit-stops or any other break in running.

    RE: Running clubs - I think they're great - lots of training tips, help, and of course your club vest (which always makes you run faster image) and the added bonus of getting into most races £2 cheaper (which does add up if you race a lot). 

    RE: Scooby Doo - the guy in zone B passed me at the John Reid road (exactly the same place scooby passed me last year)  I'm presuming he must be a canny club runner cause he musta been roasting in that suit...

    which leads me onto...

    7.7 degrees my arse

    The halfway video board informed me (and everyone else) that it was 7.7 degrees - not a hope in hell it was that cool.

  • Jovi - yep I too thought the family meeting point was ridiculous. Only bad part of the organisation for me. old place was better but Oh said it looked like they were redeveloping it? Oh had walked there first so was none too chuffed to have dragged a 3 yr old down there firstimage
  • Kaysdee - I have done the Brass Monkey Half - its a very flat course - ideal for a PB. However, it is always massively oversubscribed - 2008 was the first time I have got in after two previous attempts when it was full by the time I sent in my form. You need to send the entry form off the first day it comes out (Octoerb 18 this year Link to Brass Monkey half app). Last year I printed off my form and actually hand delivered it to make sure!
  • Vicki: Graceless Whippet wrote (see)
    BBS - thats all chip times - so it doesn't take into account walk breaks, pit-stops or any other break in running.

    Hi VickiGW: I realised that, sorry, I just meant is it officially legit to call one's official time the time less a pit stop or not? I am guessing not given that Paula R can't stop the race whilst she has a pee!

  • Is anyone here doing the Ricmond 10k or the Brampton-Carilsle? (can't remember if that's a 10k or a 10 mile?)

    Great time Scottish Mike - what were you aiming for again?

  • BBS - me & my OH also walked all the way over to Gypsies Green first as well. The meet up was just too close to the Charity area - we also had to walk back through the charity area on way to ferry as they closed off the way we had got to the meet area - round back of charity village - which meant everyone was having to force their way through an already overcrowded area. Also thought the actual letter markers were far to close together so that everyone was merging into the other letters.

     Where was the finish area shown in the GNR mag - was it Gypsies Green or the new area? My OH wondered if the Health & Safety brigade had changed it at the last minute due to the muddy grass & the slope at Gypsies Green being a bit steep?

  • XL you have mail
  • blithburysloth wrote (see)
    Great time Scottish Mike - what were you aiming for again?
    I was aiming for 1:45 - so bear my target time. Maybe it was too easy a target because I did feel comfortable for the majority of the race!!!
  • SM - Cheers, we were warned John Reid Road was the toughest part of the course though!

    VGW - I glad I'm not the only one who thought that the 7.7 degrees was a 'bit' out! I'm not very good in the sun but it felt three times that temperature to me!

  • BBS - when is Richmond 10k?

  • Hi All, and well done!

    Yep, usual complaints: walkers befgore tyne bridge , people obviously giving "optomistic" finishing times, bottlenecks, etc, everything that should put you off....just that it doesnt; what agrea event and a great day.

    Despite my ongoing sciaticy niggle, was well on course for usual sub 2hrs but blew up completly at bout 10 miles. Strange cos i usually cope with that paret of course really well. Pretty dispiriting to see hordes of runners overtaking me!!

    Finished in slowest ever time of 2.07, back to the drawing board!!!!

    As far as the reunion area arrangements...i think its all been said.

    ROCK ON!

  • can not get the journal down here Mr K, scooby was with me for some time, so id like to see that photo i may be on it? blue top no 6434?

    i did it in 1:43 and i left him behind before half way, i never walked and didnt see him pass me again.



    richmond is sun 19th at 11am.

  • Thanks commando29 / lee image
  • BBS - not sure with regards to stops, but paula's time ticks in if she stops to use the loo.  If it's down to official results you have to go with the chipped times, though if you're working on a personal best I suppose you could rate it without time spent stopping.  I guess it's down to personal preference.  I don't mind which way folks choose to go tbh, but I have to go on my official results times, or I could stop to get my breath back in a 3k race and then take maybe 30 seconds off my pb image

    btw - talking of results, has anyone checked out the results powered by nike plus thingie?  Ifs great - you can compare against the best in your class (or runners you know).

    EO - it felt more like 17 or 18 degrees to me, and I was glad to get sprayed by the firemen just after that sign telling me how cold it was lol 

  • Mr KMr K ✭✭✭

    I saw Ray Stubbs on the plane - one seat up other side - knowing that he did a 2.16, I was going to ask him to sign the cover of the Journal by my photo with "1.57 Well Done" but thought better of it image 

    (How cool is that I beat Ray Stubbs - sorry newbie alert)

  • Blimey, already I'm struggling to keep up and the race is a whole year away!

    Re walkers etc in the early stages. These are most likely not people who have been overly optimistic, they are the celebs and other VIPs who get to start in the front pen regardless of their times. I was lucky enough to be in that pen this year, it took 8 seconds to cross the start line and I spent the first half mile or so picking my way past oversized hearts, yellow chickens, the 'all-timers' and half the cast of Emmerdale. Employees of Nova, GreatRun, Bupa and Lucozade also get to start in that pen.

    I was hoping I might pass Nell McAndrew, but she ran a blinding 1.29.xx dressed as Wonder Woman so I had no chance! They interviewed her afterwards in the hospitality tent and she is just so gorgeous it's simply not fair! They also interviewed the Red Arrows. I hadn't realised who they were when the drop dead gorgeous one asked me how I'd done as I collapsed into the tent immediately after the race. D'oh!

  • Hi everyone, i'm new to the site, just looking for some advice on what I should be eating this week to help my legs feel like new again?!!!

     It was my 2nd GNR yesterday, finished in 2h 34, 32 mins slower than my last one after some gaps in my training due to achillies probs image  I was in agony for the last couple of miles yesterday!

  • Official results are gun to tape, not chip time - the person who starts at the back has to overtake averyone to win.

    Of course, in élite races, you don't usually have 40,000 plus runners

  • Welcome Catherine. You need protein for muscle repair - have a great big steak!
  • Hi Jo

    CC2 how did they interview the red arrows did the interviwer have a plane (Sarcasm at half seven!!!)image

    this thread is off to a flier....... 

  • CC2 - she's a cracking runner, and so pretty too - it's really not fair it is image

    Heya Catherine, welcome to the thread! I've been eating all sortes of stuff, I feel like a gannet at the mo - just had a huge bowl of cottage pie (to top off my big plate of scrambled eggs, beans & toast for brekkie, and sarnie for lunch).  I suppose anything protein & carb rich should replace what you've expended during the race.

  • XL - yeah thats the case in most races, though they dont actually do start to finish results in the GNR - as they dont keep track of who crosses the line after the first 200 or so.  So the official results are the chip time in this instance - though in most events it would be gun time.  I reckon the officials would have heart failure if they were asked to do gun time results with 50+ thousand people heading at them.

    Mr K - you deffo shoulda got him to sign it for you! 

  • I seem to be the odd one on here. After a race, I can't eat. I just feel like I am going to be sick if anything apart from liquid passes my lips.

    I do prefer to have a pint though, and reading Runners World magazine I now have permission to have one as it can be better than water. Yay!!!

  • It was getting on for 3pm Parmo, they'd long since finished their flyover! And when I was collapsing into the tent they still had an hour or so to kill before they started.

  • Mind you - I guess they managed ok before it was chip timed, but still - I felt it (I dunno if anyone else did) that there were thousands more people at the finish than last year.  it was heaving, and of course the leas being muddy didn't help the cause very much.
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