Helsby Half Mara

Anyone know when this is in January 2009? It's not on website yet or in events on runnersworld.

I want to do it as part of FLM build up but am doing my training plan now and could do with knowing when it is.

For anyone who has nto done it - ita a nice half. Well organised etc. Just could do with knowing when it is.



  • Hi!

    The date is 18th January 2009 got the Helsby/Four Villages 1/2 marathon. It will be my first 1/2 marathon. Anything you can tell me about the course?



  • swittleswittle ✭✭✭
    hi, nathalie. good choice for a 1st or indeed, any HM. biggish field, ca 1800, largely rural course best described as gently to not-so-gently undulating but main hill's around 9 miles. it's rare you feel crowded, even with those numbers. middle england at its best, well marshalled, excellent race HQ with changing, showers (not sure if ladies' too), bacon butties and beer image
  • I echo Swittle's comments. Its a lovely race. Well marshalled, friendly, lovely rural course. The uphill in compensated by a good downhill at the end.

    Race leaflet last year asked people to park and ride from services as parking is tight at the site. We did this to try and support organisers but it was a disaster. Queuing up for a bus after race with no marshalling. Huge free for all and one of the bus drivers just went leaving only one bus. We queud for an hour ish. So my advice would be to park at the site - there seemed to be plenty of parking. Its a shame as normally i would do whatever was best for organisers but it really was poor.

    Anyhow - that was an aside point lol. The race and organisation of race itself is excellent.

  • Hi!

    Thanks for this. Looking forward to it but first a lot of training. Any tips are welcome. Furthest race to date is 10K (did Liverpool today) and done 4 10K races this year. My PB is 48'45" and ran 50' today.

    What time should I be aiming for running a 1/2 marathon and what milage do I need to put in weekly - minimum?



  • swittleswittle ✭✭✭
    Crikey me, Nathalie! You're a speed merchant and no mistake. Very roughly, double your 10K time today and add 5 minutes for the extra 0.7 mile, giving you 1 hr 45 mins. just over 8-minutes a mile, and far from shabby image

    Now, you may be 5 minutes over or 5 minutes under that, depending on how you respond to more mileage. Rule of thumb's not to increase mileage by more than 10% a week. So, if you're running 20 miles a week, your next target is 22...and so on. Keep stretching and try swimming or gym as cross-training if you've time.

    Many run fair HMs on 25-30 miles a week (peak); however, miles = stamina, a vital asset for distance running. As it's your first, aim to get a little over 30 miles a week for the last three weeks but one before the HM. In the last one, cut right back (taper) to less than 15 miles and you'll benefit on 4 Villages day. Good running!!
  • Thanks for the advice!! Hum, wouldn't call me a speed merchant, more a jogger really. My brother is the speedy one. Ran 1h24" in Brussels today and that was bad for him (PB 1h15'30" something)!

    Yes, I am hoping somewhere between 1h45-1h50 in Helsby. My only worry is injuries when upping the miles, so will take the advice of cross-training. Love cycling and swimming so will be busy!image


  • Thats great going. My best 10k is 46.30 and best half is 1.47 and i get impression ur quicker than me overall.

    Have a look at Hal Higdons training. Just google HalHigdon.

  • Thanks - will have a good look at the weekend! Think you're the faster one XCR!!


  • Online entries opened for this one on Monday. The start is a 10 minute walk away for me, so it'll be my 1st half.

    Can't wait....

  • Route Map

    you can click on elevation (top right cornr of map) and it shows you where the hills are but it makes it look a lot worse than it really is.

    online entries can be found here

  • Signed up for this one! Should keep me running and motivated through winter.

    It's also only 13 miles from my front door so rude not to take part

  • Just signed up for this, Running the Blackpool Marathon in April, so this will be a good start to the new year, and give me chance to blow off the xmas cobwebs
  • Also just entered - thanks for the link!image
  • Just entered, am number 297 - fab new on-line entry system!

  • Viking - what time you aiming for
  • heh times... i just want to get round, be my first race at the distance. so any time for me is a good time.
  • debbodebbo ✭✭✭
    just entered for this again - I've entered it the last three years but only managed to run once - january tends to by my illness/injury month!

    I'm determined to do it in 2009 - my first race as a V50.
  • Have entered - like other this will be my first half marathon. Managed to run 9.25 miles on Sunday which is the furthest I've been. Just going to build up slowly to the 13 miles in time for the race, and use it as part of my marathon training.

    Heard nothing but good reports about this race (except for the hill at mile 9!)
  • Well did my first sub 2 hour half marathon in Cardiff at the weekend, is this a race to go for a PB or more enjoy the scenery?

  • swittleswittle ✭✭✭
    it's not pancake flat, Richard, more of an undulating course with a drawn out hill at 9 miles and a belting downhill mile if you've saved a little bit. not out of the question for a swift time.
  • WIll be aiming for sub 2 JPenno, or if training goes better than usual then sun 1.55.

    Depends on how many turkey butties and mince pies I get through in December!!!

  • Hill???? no one said anything about a Hill... image

    Oh well it will be good to get rid of the xmas cobwebs and the holiday weight

  • swittleswittle ✭✭✭
    ...it's a very gradual hill ...honest image
  • Entered this one, this will be my 3rd time, really nice race, I wouldn't describe it as hard, more slightly challengingimage

  • I'll be there, I love it. It'll be my 8th time in 9 years I think.
  • First time for me i'm a Helsby Half Virgin.image

  • Viking - I am still doing this but am doing the Disney Marathon the week before so that might impact on my proposed timeimage
  • Hi!

    If you haven't done the Four Villages 1/2 marathon and would like to see some photos of the course please have a look at my blog: http://nathalieonherwaytoamarathon.blogspot.com/

     Lovely indeed and hopefully will run at first the first time as a training session on 28th December.

    Hope it'd dry tomorrow for my long training session!


  • Hi, Nathalie! Great photos, showing Cheshire at its best. I recognised every location! Unfortunately, I've gone for the Brass Monkey HM in York on the same day but good luck with your training and enjoy the Helsby 21.1km image
  • Thanks! Enjoyed last Sunday mostly in the car so let's hope the weather is with us on 18th January and that I can enjoy the scenery again. Indeed, Cheshire at its best, a beatiful course!!! Will be nice to run this with my brother who's coming over from Belgium to support his sisterimage.


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