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    The coincidences go on, running4rwanda: I lived in Wakefield from birth, 19 years, disappeared to Uni, then back to Wakefield until 1994. Used to run the Wakefield White Rose HM and several other events in the area and still love training in W. Yorkshire when I visit.
  • I might be going back for Wakefield 10k: http://www.runnersworld.co.uk/forum/forummessages.asp?URN=6&UTN=135310&SP=&V=1#7307420 but need to get Helsby, possibly Blackpool, and possibly Liverpool out of the way first !

    Did lunchtime run - picked a route that I thought would be 40 mins steady, but underestimated the distance. After 30 mins, realised there was no way I'd be back to work in time, so had to pick it up for last 15 mins - probably faster than half-marathon pace. Feeling OK, but haven't cooled down properly yet. At least I now have a route suitable if I ever want to do 50-55 mins steady

  • Just a few days to go, problem is I've had a cold this last week and haven't massively done much running since Christmas Eve, have been out since but just not as much. Managed a 25 mile tough challenge walk last Sunday (probably why I had a cold for a week) but am getting over it now.

    Should I try and do a shortish run tomorrow and then just see how I get on Sunday, not bothered about a personal best or anything


  • WRW, same advice as to Nathalie earlier in the week:

    running4rwanda.com wrote (see)
    I'd suggest easy runs most of the week, any efforts on Wed , easy on Thur (max 30 mins), easy run on Fri (max 20 mins), rest on Sat. If you don't get out Friday, possibly go out Saturday morning (but max 15 mins, very easy - no more than w/u & w/d)

    Above all - plenty of rest, plenty of sleep and plenty of fluids. And I hope the cold gets better

    Good luck

  • Getting really excited now! Travelling home today for the weekend, to run in this great race and feeling confident of a good time!

    Some good training been done by you guys. Well done! and best of luck everyone for Sunday. image

  • Not done anywhere near enough training. Longest run has been 7 miles and have struggled since a heavy cold (man flu) in the new year. This will be my 7th time at helsby and am keen to run (not a hope in hell for a pb). Will keep my eye on the weather as it looks like it could be a bit blowy. Best ofl luck to all competitors and I hope to see you there. 
  • great - that's all we need. all that training, and we'll get blown all over the place, and get pelted with hailstones.

    good luck everyone, and don't forget to wrap up warm image !

  • One year it was so icy lots of people slipped over

  • swittleswittle ✭✭✭
    ye, i ran that one, Dave. Touch & go whether it would go ahead. As I remember, the middle third of a road about 6 miles in was shiny with ice.
  • I remember that year. I had numb toes til about mile 11.
  • Well I've done no real training since Christmas Eve and still trying to get over a cold! Should be fun Sunday, just have to use it as a hard push training run for the GNW!

    Hope to see you all there!


  • Same here WRW - will see how it goes during the first part of the race. Training run yesterday, approx. 8km was ok-ish and did avery slow 20 minutes on my own today.

    Rest tomorrow as my brother, who's more experienced than me in long distance running (ran 2h59 marathon last Sunday back home in Belgium in freezing conditions, -10 at the start!) is arriving in the morning and will show him the course in the afternoon.

    Depending on how I feel , we might plan to go for 2 hours instead of 1h50. Will get another chance in Wilmslow or chester. Above all it's my 1st 1/2 marathon and a learning experience!

    I am number 191 on Sunday!image


  • I'm no. 246

    Finished my taper this evening with a 3 miler & a good stretch. 38 hours and counting......

    First race of this length for 4 years - Helsby 2005 was the last one. PB'ed, but started an injury cycle which came to a head 2-3 months later with very bad sciatica, and subsequent steep decline in performances (too long a story). Hoping to get within a couple of minutes of my 2005 mark.

    Seen the hail forecast - hmmmm, don't know where that's come from. Quite blowy as well - a sou-westerly which I reckon won't be too bad after the first mile or two - will be a tailwind on the uphill parts of the course.

  • Might be a blessing in disguise, I can blame the weather for my poor performance!


  • My thoughts exactly.
  • Good luck tomorrow everyone. I hope the weather is OK for you. I've got a number but I can't use it. Never mind.
  • Hi!

     Anyone who has ran the race knows if there will be mile markers every mile? We went round the course this afternoon and saw all the signs but no mile markers?!

    Good luck to everyone!! Dreadful weather out there...let's hope it will clear up tomorrow morning!!


  • swittleswittle ✭✭✭
    there always have been mile markers! i think they are put out as late as possible to stop norty peeps making off with or moving them image

    Good luck, all you 4 Villagers. image tomorrow, i'll be at York Racecourse for the Brass Monkey but hope to be back in Helsby next year.
  • Well what an excellent race - great course - great organisation - great weather - great results service and great to see so many forumites there !
    If you havent done this one before - mark it down to do next year.
  • Really brilliant race. My first half, was aiming for 1.45 and did 1.43 so really pleased. Weather was amazing considering i was expecting hail, medal is really nice, results up already, best of all i only live a 20 min walk from the finish. Bring on 2010!
  • Hi!

    Not ran the expected 1h50, but it was my first so really happy with 1h53'05 (or there abouts)image. Can we see official results yet?

    Well done to everyone!!!


  • I managed to beat my pb that has stood since 1996 today so am chuffed to bits! Crossed the line in 1:48:22 great race as always that is five years in a row for me.

    Received a text as soon as I had finished with a well done message and my gun time, chip time, and position from the organisers which I thought was a good touch!

    Off out to celebrate now image

  • Well, considering I'm borderline 14st and haven't ran hardly anything since Amsterdam back in October (certainly nothing over 9 mile)... I did alright... 1:25:44 on my watch which is fine with me.

     16lbs to lose before Village bakery now... 

    Well run to Mike S, you get the benefits now you're training hard and injury free... seriously well done.

     EDIT: Just received text also... Gun Time 1:26:60 ???? Chip Time 1:26:05 and 113th place. God knows where that time came from as it doesn't match my watch?

    Cheers Pug image

  • Got a great PB and really did make an effort on this. Thaks to the organisers and marshals for all their hard work!image

    Is this not on the events listing? 

  • Pug - surely 1:26:60 is 1:27:00? good run (off your watch timeimage)

    Well done Mike S,  you looked good as you passed me (spectating on the bend just after 10 mile marker).

  • Pug. Not a bad time for a 'fat boy'. I bumbled round in 1:31:15 which given my current level of fitness wasn't too bad. Actually managed a 'sprint ' finish and as I wasn't needing oxygen at the end I probably could (and should) have run quicker. Great conditions and the usual excelent organiastion we've become accustomed to. Well done to all.
  • Managed 2h14m, 16 minutes of a PB for me but since I've been ill for a fortnight and not ran since Christmas Eve I'm quite happy with just getting round.

    Excellent marshalling, well organised and great weather. Liked the medal also!


  • What a fantastic Race!  I beat my champagne target and did (Chip) 1:44:37  - consistent 8 min miles - beating my previous pb of 1:52.  Superb weather - excellent organisation, nice medal. 

    Thanks to Viking for the lift there - and thanks to the two Pirates (was it Cougie and Iron Rose) "ambling" along at 7min miles - who I tagged behind for mile 3 so I had a minute in the bank!

  • That would have been us - glad you enjoyed the run - it was a good one. Thanks to rosey for dragging me around the course - it was fun !
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