Need to poo on nearly every run



  • Steve C, Silvertop LOL.

    Reminds me of a telephone conversation I had with my boyfriend who was passing Mold (town near home).
  • I'm an early morning runner - especially for Sunday long runs.......and I ALWAYS go before I go out running........even if it means hanging around the house for an extra few minutes before hand.

    Except today! and guess what? An hour into my 3hr 30m run I got that feeling.!!

    Now beeing an enterprising chap and a proper Urban Warrior (no Countryside luxury for me) I made sure I had a 20p coin for the Public Tardis Bogs that adourn the High streets of South Birmingham.

    What I hadnt considered was that some-one else would be in there at 6.40am on a snowy Sunday!!

    .....and the look on the guys face.....half apologetic, half smirking, as he emerged from the poo-pod......well lets just say, I should have given it 20 minutes!!

  • I would recommend keeping a close eye on what you are eating and seeing whether there is any correlation with it and your need to poo. 

    I mostly eat plants in some form or other so my digestive tract is pretty swift. Generally, once I'm up and about and have had my two morning craps (no idea why, 10 minutes apart, first one is like a warm up and the second is the main event!) that's it for the day.

    Unless....I've had something with lentils in for lunch.  In which case, walking to the train 5 hours later can be risky, let alone running image 

    Another running friend of mine has the same issue, except with apples.  He's fine, unless he has eaten an apple in the 4 - 6 hours beforehand in which case it's "bush time"....really odd.

    Something else that might help is having a strong coffee an hour before you run.  That can stimulate things and enable you to have a clearout before you go.

    What a great topic!

  • Lol, this is such an unusual topic.

    This has been a slight problem for me for the past year, Valencia marathon in November lost five or six minutes waiting for a loo.

    Started running trails / off road this year and boy the problem has become ten fold worse. This morning was fairly typical, try as I might, no chance of going beforehand 6 to 6:30, two miles into the run and the bushes are thee only option. Five miles later and desperate to go again. Small upside is being offroad the bushes option is far easier than if I were pounding the roads!

    The actual output seems really healthy, not diarrhoea like in any way, but the amount is frightening. Probably goes cap in hand with a massive increase in what I eat on a daily basis since going off road and upping the miles.

    Seriously starting to feel guilty about the amount I am leaving around the locality!!


  • Carry a plastic spade in a big bum bag and dig it over image if anyone asks just say you are burying a body.

  • smuffie wrote (see)

    For the past week or 2 I've had a desperate need to poo on any run over 3 miles. I'm OK for the 1st mile or 2 then suddenly the feeling comes and I need to goimage

    Luckily, I've managed to nip into a pub a few times, but I went out for 5 miles today and ended up pooing behind some tree's


    So it was you? Took me hours to clean my running shoes....

  • I have given up the fight and consider my daily deed a service to the countryside. Setting off on a run after 08:00 and the problem doesn't exist but this is not practical most days of the week.

  • booktrunkbooktrunk ✭✭✭

    I used to have a similar problem, but now i come in from work drink a glass of water and then sit on the loo for a couple of minutes telling everything to empty image more often then not it works, and then I go out for a run, that seems to work for me.

  • Yup ive got Ulcerative Colitis and got caught short during my 3 miler at 5am this morning

    Wasn't the best experience but had to do what i had to do.


  • So glad I'm not the only one with this problem!

    I've got IBS, usually triggered by caffeine and anxiety.. so if having a coffee hasn't set me off, knowing I'm miles from home with no toilet nearby does it instead! 

    Been struggling with it quite a bit lately so gone back to just running at the gym on the treadmill, least it gives me a safe option if needed, and I'm working on my diet to try and get things under control. Just hoping I can get it sorted before the races come up..

  • NayanNayan ✭✭✭

    I used to do each long run faster than what I now realise is ideal and would have to go to the toilet aftwewards, and then through the morning a few times while things setteld down.

    As I learned about pacing I started respecting the 'slow' in "long slow run' and I guess my insides got mroe used to running too. No problems these days.

    I found  that avoiding overeating, spicy food and anything with a lot of fibre the night before a long run helped. 

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