training plans ?

Hi Guys,

I am planning to concentrate on tri's next year and am looking for a training plan to use.
Aiming for a HIM distance, planning a standard in june as a tester before hopefully a half in august.

Also do you have to get all techy with hrm's and zone training etc ??
I tend to just "wing it" with my running training lol.  I cover the miles but dont do tempo/fartlek/etc, i just run..

 Many thanks



  • nope - you don't NEED high tech - many can wing it on the swim a bit/ride a lot/run a lot principle.

    but if your goals are to win or place than you probably need a more scientific approach and proper coaching
  • Cheers for the fast reply FB image

    I have no intention of winning/placing  lol  , survival will do image

    My first target is the swin as the standard event I'm looking at has a cutoff of 50 mins for the 1500m ow swim ! 
    I have already started a swim class as my swimming is pants !! 
    I have done one marathon (4:26) and think I could slogg through the bike so the swim is the REALLY weak bit.

  • Yep, it's time for the standard Pirate advice:

    1 Learn to swim; swimming is technical not just endurance; you'll make bigger gains by improving your technique than by improving your swim fitness
    2 Bike a lot; cycling is important both as the secnd discipline and as the bit that gets you to the run without being too knackered to put one foot in front of the other
    3 Run a fair bit, including practising running after cycling, especially as event day draws near
    4 Sign up for an IM instead of a half

    oops, the last bit slipped in by accident, honest image

  • Sounds like a very typical approach to tri, coming in from a running background.

    Starting with the swim classes this early on will make a whole lot of difference, just get the technique right as the Hamster says and the swim fitness is something to look at next year. Some of us have gone from unable to swim to IM in nine months of less, it's definitely do-able

    Get used to spending some time in the saddle.

    Sign up for a full IM obviously.

  • Just what FB, Crashie and Symes have said,

    Learn to swim as efficiently as you can and feel comfortable, then swim a bit, bike a lot, run a fair bit.  And get some swim practice in OW in a wetsuit.

  • Just what FB, Crashie and Symes and Holly have said

  • Just what FB, Crashie and Symes, Holly and Barley have said! 

  • Feck not fast enough!
  • Feck not fast enough!

    Have you considered getting a coach or following a structured training plan?

  • Of course, you're getting responses from the cream of the crop here!  I speak only for myself and Barley, obviously. image
  • Oooo it dont arf feel important having a spokes woman

  • Don't forget my head torch!
  • Cream of the crop indeed, didn't we all do ever so well at our last HIM image
  • Nooo! You should definitely follow a structured training plan! If you don't know which zone you are in for any particular session, it will give you zero benefit. I mean, imagine if you were supposed to be running in zone 4, but you were actually in zone delta 5 rhesus monkey tennis negative? It would be disastrous! You MUST also read a magazine called "220 triathlon". It looks like a complete bag of sh*t to the untrained eye, but actually that's just a ruse to fool the uninitiated - the pages are secretly glossed with snake oil, which you absorb through your fingertips as you read. Genius! Good look with it all.

    On the other hand, you could just follow Barlos' advice. Probably will give the same results.
  • Thanks for the replys,

    Do you have a rough guide for building up the distances in the swim and bike ??

    After having some injurys running this year I dont want to go hell for leather in training and get injured !!



  • If you need some guidance in terms of structure but don't want to get to techy why not use a programmes (e.g from or is it but as a guide but do rough estimates of effort level.

    You're not moses getting the ten commandments image programmes can be adapted to suit you.

  • Wot Melli. Symes. Candy, Crashie, GOM, BB and Holly sed. image
  • fat buddha wrote (see)
    nope - you don't NEED high tech - many can wing it on the swim a bit/ride a lot/run a lot principle. but if your goals are to win or place than you probably need a more scientific approach and proper coaching

    FB, that sounds like the sort of training plan that even I could follow...

    One thing though, could anybody define 'a lot'? 


  • oops...I meant to go on...

    ...currently... swim 1 mile, once a week. - can that be classed as 'a bit?)

  • If youve a reasonable fitness base and all things being equal, i.e. no specific weaknesses

    Assuming 6 months training to prepare for Half IM distance:

    You could wing it averaging 1 hour swim, 2 hours bike, 2 hours run each week.

    Id say you should aim to average 1.5 hours swim, 4  hours bike, 2.5 hours run each week, on this level of training you should do a fairly respectable time.

    If you want to do really well and achieve your full potential you should maybe aim to average 3 hours swim, 7 hours bike and 5 hours run each week (this is serious competitive level training).

    Remember the above are averages so in the middle (respectable time example) you'd maybe be only doing 4-5 hours training a week while you build up for the first few months, in the last couple of months before taper you'd possibly be doing 10+ hours a week.

  • Cheers Barlist,

     Sounds like to kind of guide i was looking for image

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