sleep problems

I'm having trouble sleeping after I've been working out in the day- is this normal, because generally I'm shattered when I go to bed, but my body does not seem to want to switch off. 


  • When you say working out in the day, what's the latest you exercise? Evening exercise may still have the awake hormones whizzing around.

    Or you're doing too much exercise in the day and overloading your system so it finds it hard to rest (a form of physical stress).

    Wind down with a warm bath, milky drink and avoid using your pc late so you have time to switch off.

  • I tried a hypnotherapy thing that I put on my ipod and that seemed to work, apparently you have to do it for 20 consecutive days, so I'm going to try that, but I guess it's where I'm working out in the day, running etc.

    Cheers for the advice

  • how bout just getting a relaxation CD and making sure the room is pitch black - worked a treat for me when I had probs with sleep back when I started shift work...
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